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Where have the blogs gone?

Bad CO said:
No removed, as we didn't believe people were using them or that interested in them ......
Oh. I thought that they were really good. No doubt regular bloggers like Polar69 and that Jim fellow, would think they are valuable too.

Could we try a re-launch with an icon on the home page (instead of a tiny little link on the left) and a moderator to 'educate' people who use it for non-blogging?

Edited to add: Well spotted Rowums :D
To be honest I'm amazed that people are still navigating to them! I'll stick them back on the menu bars so they get the attention they deserve.

L_J - top blog by the way.
I blog from time to time but I also enjoy reading other peoples blogs, apart from the crap ones which are usually done by thickos who dont comprehend what a blog is for
Can some one direct me to a blog I might actually find amusing or at least vaguely entertaining/informative!!

I'm not into being some degenerates sounding board for AM I MAD type musings



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