Where have all the sappers gone?

I suppose it's due to the higher-than-normal tour turn around rate for the Corps and the guys don't have time to get to a PC?

Also, is it still Corps policy to send troops to sh1t countries, strip out previous Squadrons work and rebuild it again?

Apparently, the Bus Depot at Mrkonjic Grad looks like London docklands now after the endless crazy ideas that head sheds have had.
you're not wrong about returning to the same place to rebuild what was already there. we went to Seeb in Oman in jun-sep 01 and built a tented camp for EX Saif Sareea II, we went back to the same site in the same grid square in Jan - Feb 03, prior to OP TELIC starting, to build a portacabin camp. we used some of the infrastructure we had put in the first time....threaders!!!!!

thank god I'm single because I don't know how families and kids can put up with their fellas being away for 50 - 70% of the time.
Most of us are keeping our heads down Oggs.

Looking into the same route you've gone as current posting is nuts!!
Sappers in Dhofar in 1974.


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