Where have all the promotions gone?


WO1 promotions released and still not on the ArmyNet.

What a fast and efficient service we have. Now if you aint going to do it properly then why bother at all?


Like most of these things....sounded like a good idea to start of with then they realise someone has to keep on top of it so it goes to rat shti!!!

I belive the idea now is that all promotion lists are promulgated electronically via DII so negates the idea of publishing on Army Net...top idea??


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But not everyone has access to DII - the whole point of ArmyNet was to allow access from anywhere.

It appears that someone has belatedly noticed that it takes effort to keep a website up-to-date. So, sadly, many of the links on ArmyNet, and indeed a fair number on DII, are so old as to be useless.

Either that or promotion has stopped....


I have haranged the folks in Records about this. The points they make are:

- All the MCM Divs submitted the lists for WO1 promotions to the central APC website gurus some days ago to be put on ArmyNet. They are at now at the mercy of the IT inputters. I am told that REME's list was submitted on 29 Nov.

- The list was passed down to unit COs two days ago (to those COs who had people on the list) and to Comds ES for passage down thru Bdes to units in the same timeframe. So don't necessarily blame Glasgow for unit inefficiency - they have sent the detail down to units in 3 different ways (email, signal and ArmyNet) in good time

- They cannot put the list on ArmyNet too early (e.g. Fri AM) in case soldiers find out before their COs tell them officially.

- Corps Orders are a different thing altogether. This is authorised promotions to the next sub rank. This happens well after (months and months) the board results go out and includes reserve list promotions. It all occurs after the CO has endorsed the sub promotion, after a specific post had been found for the promotee (and therefore an effective date deduced for the sub rank to start from) and after all necessary CLM cses have been attended and Part 2 ordered

Stop bleating guys - go beat up your chain of command.


:D Fella's the WO2- WO1 promotion list is now on the Armynet.
Lads-Remember, just because we have instant access to MCM Div etc. doesn't mean everyone has time to put it on yet.

DII is only a tool, not a way to intensify a bad situation!!!! Give people time to sort their admin out. Aug 06 is the last time it was updated but FFS, I have Rejoin Bounties awaiting paid to my boys since September. Different Dept's I know but there is only so much manpower and time to go around.

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