Where have all the Poppies gone?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baz44, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. Hmm now is it me?
    Having returned this weekend from a month or so out the country, I walked across London today and could count on one hand the number of people wearing the afore mentioned Poppy.
    Last week while I was in Germany, of all places I had and was wearing a poppy as part of my own remembrance to the fallen. Funny it caused many questions yet nothing adverse from a single person. Most felt it right and proper the fallen should be remembered insuch a symbolic way.

    With less than 7 days until the 11th November I am surprised at what appears to be such a general lack of interest this year, by the general public at large.

    So my question is a simple one - where have all the poppies gone?

  2. At my kids school, they are making positive efforts to encourage the children to wear a poppy and are making a big thing of it this week.

    I must admit however, a distinct lack of poppies on the streets. What really p*ssed me off however was a certain famous retired Colonel (He can remain nameless but he knows who he is) on TV last week, talking about the troops and NOT wearing a poppy. Doesn't exactly set an example for the civvies does it?
  3. RBL out in force in Oldham this weekend. Lots of poppys been worn.
  4. I would love to know how much money was donated in 1999 and how much money will be donated in 2006. I think it is a quiet revolution- sadly it will affect the wrong people. Unpopular point of view and very painful for me to state -so please feel free to correct me if I am wrong- I will not argue this one. I really don't want to post this point- I am Sorry so set me straight someone quick: :oops:
  5. poppy selling in manchester this weekend, we went through nearly 2000 more poppies than the equivalent weekend last year, although did find a fair amount of people saying they had been trying to get one for a few days unsuccesfully as they just hadnt seen any.
  6. So is it a lack of sellers or interest?
    I have missed the run up this year so really cannot work out which!

  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Plenty of sellers at the London mainline rail termini this morning.
  8. Other than me and another couple of chaps (only one seen in action) i haven't seen that many sellers out at the tube stations in the City, did see a veteran at waterloo on sun sat tho seemed to be doing a roaring trade.

  9. Just five minutes ago bought a poppy from Henry Allingham, 110 year old survivor of Jutland. Amazing to think soneone who was 5 when Queen Victoria died can get out and sell them but people 1/5 of his age can't be bothered.

    Amazing guy

  10. I think a lot of the actual wearing is due to the design of the poppy and modern fashion.
    The original concept was for a buttonhole as in the days that it was designed men wore suits and occaisionally put a flower on their lapel.
    That was about 1919 and the place was bloody cold in November and very little central heating to cause you to take your suit jacket off.

    Fast forward to 2006. Most businesses are dropping the collar and tie and suit to work dress code. Where I work looks like a gardeners convention with T Shirts being the norm (and yes it is a FTSE 250 Company). The problem is there is nowhere to put the poppy and frankly no-one wants to add a pin to their shirt.

    I don't know what the answer is but we need to get either a cost effective redesign. Tie tacs don't work we need something that needs replacing every year. The Jock poppy is slightly better as it has an integral pin.

    Ideas on a postcard anyone?
  11. Just make them stickers...then you can slap one on to whichever part of your body you choose.
  12. I was shopping in Birmingham on Saturday and credit where it is due, The local council had placed large poppies onto the council house and other prominent buildings and there were loads of young sellers walking around in pairs one with a large banner and one selling. There were loads on poppies on display. Well done Brum
  13. Western
    I agree the Poppy is not suited to modern dress codes. I must admit I am always losing mine so I buy a couple spare which of course means i spend more! But RBL must re-market this. It may be that people buy them and loose them or find it so difficult to keep it in place on modern clothes. This really misses the point though it needs to be seen to be seen to support Remembrance Day. Do we have any RBL comment on this?
  14. Almost nobody on the streets in London. I did mention this to the seller at Oxford Circus tube station and he said "Well, most of the people who used to sell them last year have died."
  15. There is a poppy seller at the corner of Ludgate Hill and Farringdon Road