Where have all the drinkers gone?

Discussion in 'REME' started by threaders-vm, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. I joined in 1998, I was introduced to a culture of drink, fun, mischief, and hard work; in that order.
    I find myself at this moment watching what I say to Cfn in fear of being persecuted and holding in my desire to play 'three man lift', 'freckles' or 'table hanging' and holding back the traditional way as if I am safegaurding my rank from the PC brigade who would have me becoming a 'caring sharing NCO'. Where are all the REME drinkers who always stay till the end at every mess do, who do howling things, who big up the corps with their deeds and tales? Am I on my own in trying to re-establish the drinking culture?. F**K me lads, if I wanted to play scrabble and stay sober I would have joined the medics. Your thoughts and backing would be appreciated to let me know I am not alone. Lets make REME live again!. ARTE ET MARTE.
  2. You should have been around in the early-mid 80's. When I turned up at my first unit in BAOR as a 17 year old sprog I thought I'd walked into rehab! Drunken young cnuts everywhere. Nights on the pi$$ were top dollar I tell ya'. Singlies rooms decorated with German car advertising flags, the camp reservoir dredged every summer due to the dozens of rusting bicycles at the bottom (nicking a German's bike was cheaper than a taxi fare!) I was relatively sensible but some of the lads got up to crazy stuff, always in the $hit they were!
  3. If it makes you feel any better, there is always a REEM left last at the bar in our place, well most of the time anyway.

    And, no its not me, I drink like a girl.

    Scrabble anyone?
  4. I went to 16 Tk Tptr Sqn in Fally late 87 and that was pure mental! All the trogs were massive and we HAD to be in the bar by 1930 every night. Weekends started at 1200 on Friday and if you were sober before monday afternoon you were regarded as gay, which was not acceptable then! On drag when approaching a breakdown they would have a bottle open for you. Currency was yellow handbags and you could get anything for one.
    In those days our moto was definatley, 'work hard play hard', nowadays its just work hard work harder. the older boys in the mess are still generally the last to leave a function but the kids now are a different breed. God help us!
  5. Bunde, mid 80's to early 90's - absolutely ferkin mental! The drunken fights and wierdness that went on there will live on in my memory forever - I'm still hung-over now.......

    Edited to prevent time travel paradox errors - i.e. I got me years wrong!!!
  6. I hope you're in my next unit - there aren't enough people being naughty and having a damned good laugh, as you so rightly suggest. I reckon this is as much to do with the type of blokes joining up these days as EO/Human Rights but let's lead from the from here: drag all the young sprogs into the bar at every opportunity and bluddy well enjoy yourselves. With the right OC (or ASM) (or even Tiff) there will be people willing to give you the mother of all boll*ckings but protect you when you need to be protected. That's not to condone breaking the law or battering a stranger in the pub coz he looked at you funny ... but let's persuade people to take a chance every now and then rather than taking the easy option. Life's going to be pretty dull if everyone worries about upsetting each other all the time !
    Right ... to the pub.
  7. top bombing barclays, with you there. can you send me a posting pref form?
  8. Not so many sessions nowadays . If NAAFI finds out there are people in the LAD bar having fun, let alone some mild hijinks, they are straight on the blower to the CO greetin' aboot profits & facilities etc,etc

    ....6 ARMD WKSP (Munster) early '90s had a great bar life. Mostly used by FRG with some good lads from other departments...even RAOC. Some good characters in there and very much a case of what happened in there stayed in there. And when you were finished it was all of to the Landsman to be harassed by the jock wnakers from the hten 'Queens Own Highlanders'.....Mash Man.
  9. This drinker is off down under, where he's hoping all the fun has gone to.

    I remember the 80s in Hohne, all the singlies down the roundhouse on a Friday filling trolleys with yellow handbags and bottles of vodka (Vodka for breakfast).

    Then I went to Colchester (not the nick!) and the fun seemed to go, back in Hohne now and the fun has definately gone. Mind you I'm married now so that doesn't really help eh!!
  10. Hmmmm, 6 Armd Wksp JRC... late 80's/early 90's. A sordid den of blow cards, cardinal puff and wabbits! Yet to find another unit bar that compares...
  11. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I was in 6 Armd Wksp bar often, my Mrs was the tailoress then in 6 Armd, fond memories of the Landsman and the jocks
  12. not reme, but the lads still get up to mischief. noticed alot of todays generation want to stay in now as the punishments started to outweigh the goodtimes. also the hierarchy are starting to look out for duty of care and the dangers assosiated with drinking. its getting more and more restricted.

    the lads wanted to make thier own sqn bar and were refused on the grounds that there was no one sensible enough to run it and there wasnt enough fire exits (... there are enough fire exits for us to live in the fcuker!!) i think it would be great for morale and get the lads all together instead of a band of individuals.
  13. That's an easy one.... on the risk matrix, the bar by its very nature adds considerably to the likelihood of there being a fire. Plus, you might have another >50 people in there. The potential risk has therefore increased considerably and no-one will sign up to it. And there isn't any money for building work.

    Having been close to two fires in my life, I don't want to share the experience again!

  14. I believe the problem to be that we are all so busy trying to keep fit and up to speed with the work that no-one has any time to go drinking. Maybe the money isn't there either - after the purchase of the obligatory 42" plasma, DVD, XBox, PC and wheels!

  15. 'F**K me lads, if I wanted to play scrabble and stay sober I would have joined the medics'

    I always had a 432 full of beer ...... no med kit what so ever (That is why we were always **** at treating injuries..... oh and we were pissed) and a handbag for each arm for the loverly reme craftsman that came out to us when our fire extinqishers went off (normally in spitting distance of somewhere to buy scoff/beer).

    Handbag one ...... yes mate of course they went off course the heat from your engine melted that little wire going round the engine bay there (no signs of it being cut at all)

    Handbag two ..... of course you know your here for the rest of the excersise

    Don't know what the medics are like nowdays but in my time if you were sober you we excused duties for being ill and put on remedial drinking.