Where have all the Coppers gone?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. Spurred by the "I was wrong to use a gun..." thread here, I realised that I haven't seen a real copper for at least 8 months. Yes, including frequent trips through various UK airports, days in London and other major cities; I have not seen one single real Policeman in all that time (except the undercover, spooky, counter-terrorist ones who are presumably carpetting the land, invisibly). The last one I spotted was in December 2007. I visited Lisburn PSNI station a few months ago on business and was dealt with in entirety by a contractor.

    I have seen a number of the pointless "Community Service Officer" community. In Oxford Street yesterday there were two of them, apparently responsible for patrolling the entire length and breadth of the tourist area; one was a very small black lady of about 19 years and the other an aging and not particularly authoritative figure, also challenged in the height department. Both were attempting the Hill Street Walk, unsuccessfully, amongst the surging crowds.

    Twenty years ago, there would have been a Met presence there, 6' and tit on head, providing both native and visitor with a reassuring sense of security. No longer. I'm glad I don't pay bloody taxes.
  2. God those PCSO's are a bag of shite, just walting as coppers
  3. We're all sat inside filling in paperwork and running around for the Can't Prosecute Service, getting more evidence so they can procrastinate on a decision on whether or not to charge.
  4. Whilst those scruffy excuses for coppers (PCSO's) go round giving you lot a bad name

    Seriously I am proud to see real police on our streets, those PCSO's are a disgrace. Instead of spending the cash and getting more REAL police on our streets we have a bunch of jumped up traffic wardens....
  5. "...all..."? Those CSO creatures should be wasting ink on forms; you should be standing, rock-like, on street corners telling the morons from Peoria how to get to the British Museum. And feeling collars where necessary, of course.

    I think an outraged letter to Boris is called for.
  6. Saw two real police at Heathrow terminal 1 last night, I suspect the rest were all tied up with protecting Paul Gadd aka Gary Glitter from having his photo taken by journalists following complaints by his solicitor that this infringed the serial kiddy fiddling perverts' human rights.

    That or buried under mountains of unnecessary paperwork, away on courses to improve their racial/cultural/gender diversity or trying to justify their existence to the useless CPS who seem unable to distinguish between law enforcement and social work.

    Probably fair to say that I'm pi55ed off because I do pay bloody taxes! CPS and this PCSO mindset are destroying a service we were once rightly proud of.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Did'nt the PSNI recenty ditch the CSO's they only introduced not too long ago?
  8. Ive noticed a lack of police around London in the last year or two, I think due to the introduction of the community whatevers theyve cut down on foot patrols and mostly drive round now. Although if thats true it doesnt explain not seeing the cars around either. Sod it,I havent got a clue but I know what youre saying, theyve just vanished.
  9. I thought I saw a Pokiceman in Leeds last week, but it turned out to be a traffic warden - sorry, 'parking attendant'.
  10. They're in offices juggling government figures. I went into our area (Not force) HQ the other day and saw in one room of offices jockeys alone 6 Able bodied bobbies and 1 Pregnant one. Between them they collate (Spelling) the area figures and work their way through jobs we've already done to make sure we haven't just knobbed them off. Surely a job that could be scrapped or if it has to stay done by Civvies.

    Sadly though more and more people are joining the job who are happy to do two years "Calls for service" (Responding to 999) then getting themselves a desk to drive. The sad thing is bobbies with 25 plus in who could really do with the rest and cushy job can't get them because they're posts filled by cowards and lazy biffs!

    So if you want to see a real bobby ask to see your local stations "Cons writing room". In there you will find the 4 or 5 bobbies who have been allocated several beats all writing up jobs from last week or trying to get their head round the government paper maze which changes from job to job. If they're not there they will be in the CPS office running around on their behalf and juggling two other jobs in order to try and get a scummy to court... (Where they will be let off with a fine)

    Its Grrrrrrreat!!! :roll:
  11. What I can't understand is why the various police forces have CSOs with no powers (as has been said, glorified parking wardens), paid and on the streets, and Specials, with police powers, trained and waiting 'off-line' and unpaid.
    Why aren't the CSOs trained and rated as 'Specials', at least it would make them a little more effective.
    At the moment, it seems to me that the CSOs work on the 'scarecrow' principle, a 'copper' shaped object glimpsed from the corner of the eye might be enough to deter some casual would-be offenders.

  12. Don't worry chaps. Did you not hear??? Yesterday it was announce by our illustrious Home Sec that £2.5 million would be spent on rectuiting Special Constables. You know, the unpaid Walts who think that they can do a job as complex as modern policing. Although having seen some recruits I wonder if they are up to modern legislation. No matter the situation will soon improve - befor ethe next election anyway.
  13. You couldn't be more right, 19 year old relative of mine joined last September and..........wait for it, spent three months on response and moved to an office job. Now working for CID and will join them at end of probation in 13 months time. That is 3 months in uniform and never has walked the beat.
  14. In April this year I returned to UK for a week and saw ONE copper in the village where my parents live. Maybe I should have done my tourist act and taken a photograph. :D

    PS If coppers are so rare, are they on the Red List?

    Here where I work I see coppers almost every day, well not real coppers, just RMP. :D
  15. I have seen some real coppers recently.
    Last Saturday I went to my mate's stag night, he's a copper and he had about 20 copper mates with him half of whom were women! It seems that in today's PC mad plod you can't even have a stag 'stag night'!