Where has The NAAFI Bar gone?

One for the technical savvy ARRSErs out there. I have had a HTC Desire for over a year and have had no problems with it up till now. I particularly like surfing ARRSE when at work (dare not do so with my work PC) and yesterday noticed something unusual.

When I access the “Last 50” from the HTC, it does not show any entries for “The NAAFI Bar (TNB)”. I can drill down to TNB from other parts of the site, it just does not appear in the “Last 50”. When I use my laptop, TNB appears in the “Last 50” without any problem. Not sure when this started, as I said, I only become aware yesterday, but I have certainly seen TNB in the “Last 50” in the last few weeks.

I access the NAAFI Bar to enjoy its high quality of reasoned argument, cultural excellence and thoughtful discussions (I especially like following “What’s the “Holy Grail” of unseen celebrity tits” and other such high brow discussions).

So any ideas what the cause could be and how it can be rectified?
Problem solved. I have been playing around with phone for the last hour or so and finally cracked it. Although I appeared to be logged on (username and dotted password visible), I decided to try logging on again (back to basics). Did so and suddenly the NAAFI Bar once again appears in the Last 50.

So Linda D thanks for sharing (nice to know it’s not just me) and try logging on again, even if your details are currently visible

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