Where has my thread gone?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Gears, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. I know it may not have been much info, and not offered much than my whining

    But where did it go?
  2. same place this ones heading...............................
  3. [align=center][marq=down]TO THE HOLE!!!!![/marq][/align]
  4. Fair enough

    But before another is binned, why?
  5. Does its matter it was crap and pointless
  6. Yes.

    If I know why, I can avoid repeating the same thing again can I not?
  7. you could..................

    ........but your not.
  8. Oh well
  9. Give us much help to a new user as you can eh?

    Fukcing nobs...

  10. Give us a clue. What was it about?
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The MODS have a policy (it's all in the instructions and brief) of zapping comments and threads as they see fit.

    If there are sufficient complaints, or your thread topic is sufficiently bone . . . . . OR it's a subject that is well covered by other threads that could have been found with a quick 'search', then, in all likelyhood, your thread will be binned.

    Firstly, have a thunk about your actual thread - and then do a search to see if it's already covered.

    Have a look here!
  12. mybe if new posters checked-out some of the sticky threads, or tried a forum search, many of thier eager crys for info would be fulfilled.

    his previous thread got binned because it was dull and predictable.

    just like this one.
  13. Much better advice.

    It's fair to say, however, it would be nice of the mods to send a little pm would it not? Especially with a newish user.

    As a site sponsor, surely you must recognise behaviour like that of the idiots early in the thread and also, I have to say, of one or two mods as I have seen - is hardly likely to encourage a new user to hang around and use the site on a regular is it?

    The cnuts can act like cnuts in the Naafi but no need to do it in every thread forum..
  14. Perhaps if in doubt, run it pass the boss on here and see if there are any objections and perameters?

    Although they have in the past Zapped individual replies and for obvious reasons, they very occassionally ZAP the whole thread.

    Sometimes we start a thread through Anger and Frustration, sometimes with very good cause, however, it is better fro debate to have a balanced approach, to encourage others to add their points of view . . . . . :wink:

  15. Don't be a stupid cnut all your life.

    Know when you've been told off and go and be a little boy somewhere else..
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Not open for further replies.