Where has everyone gone ??


CR couldnt have been keeping this area going alone - it has gone sooooooo quiet in recent weeks - RFI - where has everyone gone ???
You are being watched by your goony officers who stop you from posting whilst sat reading Arrse themselves......

Double bogeychomping waste of staff college kindergarten dropout officer wannabes
I have had to spend all day on the internet searching to find out what this work stuff entails .......... its bollix
Calm down dear.
Fear not G2LB.. I'll be coming over there to keep you company! Again! 8O
Who's gonna be pulling ropes this Saturday?
I'll be on the ropes this Saturday. In fact I've been ropey for years......
Is all the beer/pimms/antifreeze going to run again this year?? Or is that a tradition that cannot be broken?

CG - who will sadly not be attending, but will be there in spirit!
Of course we will have a toast to absent friends, it means more booze for us. Hence the Mess Tradition of "Browns' Rule".
Mea Culpa! Of course "Recess", though it could have been voted in has a niche, ingle or whatever! I recall it was a long Mess Meeting...

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