Where has all the fun and sport gone?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by rickochet, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Come on boys and girls where has all the fun and sport gone?

    Do you find yourself spending more and more time behind your desk, scared to be seen to be doing nothing?

    Remember the days when you asked "Where is Sgt/SSgt/WO2 or even WO1 Bloggs?" and the answer was in the mess.

    Do you not think we care too much of what the juniors and officers think?

    Have we watered our existence done that that of insignificants?

    Sport used to be done by those that didn’t work; now work is done by those who don’t play sport and let’s face it we all work too much!!!!

    Your views
  2. Fun and sport disappeared off the map about the time that paperwork became the be all and end all of the profession.
  3. It went the same place as the morale and 24 months between tours.
  4. Rick,

    Sport (physical activity) is work. Trouble is, by divorcing 'work' from sport you create a situation where sport is seen as an extra, not an essential part of mil life.

    Your job is to hammer home to your officers (and it ain't always easy) the fact that sport is part of normal mil activity. Embed it in the daily prog and get the officers to participate.

    Similar situation with fun. if you want to go down the Mess on the occasional afternoon and let rip then tell the officers (through the Presiding Member/PMC) that that is what you intend to do. Job done.

  5. It dsappeared when we went Army PLC. I reckon post 93 after drawdown. All the useless tssers hung on and the good guys left when offered a whacking big pension & Brucey Bonus. When they chopped the services by 50% the commitments came rolling in, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran (oops - thats next year...)

    I see the services as being run by corporate types who gauge moral on productivity. How much can we get out of our assets (soldiers). I was musing to a young Captain about how in the old days we all went to the NAAFI at 10:30 and actually met people outside of our work-place. He quipped that back in the old BAOR days we had not job to do and could afford such luxuries, but not now as we have a real job to do =|

    Problem is, if we make ourselves more and more corporate why join? You would be better off joing a civvi company.

    Better run, the fun Police Capt wants another capability matrix......
  6. The army is now dull
  7. Are you not in a position to make a difference? :?
  8. Remember the days when as a Tom, you occassionally saw a Sgt or SSgt/CSgt and thought:'Wow, I'd love his job!!' Now you ask a Tom if they think they could do your job and you get a lot of colourful language back that basically says NO, there is too much responsability.

    How many of us are still getting ragged on their CRs for not effectively delegating? I'd love to, but I can't trust half the little darlings to do it right, and THAT has been proven. We get incoming from both sides of the Command Chain; one side is holding us to ransom for things that were promised at the recruiting office and the other side is expecting results based upon a set of instructions that even Steven Hawkins couldn't decipher.

    HURRAHHH!!! I know we're volunteers, but WOW!!
  9. where has all the fun and sport gone? Gone for soldiers, everyone...
  10. Cuddles you are getting more like MisterSoft every passing day. Back on the pills and early morning rub downs with a wet copy of the Independent methinks.

    It was 'Flowers' wot done it.
  11. rub down with the Independent? The day that rag gets into my house is the day my wife needs bracing by the SIB on my whereabouts and the patio dug up...
  12. Deleted from the vocabulary by "Budget's Officer" and similar, unless you play at Army/JS level! Now get back to work and stop moaning!
  13. Its another of those 'if the face fits' scenarios. I remember working in a unit where Rugby, Cross country teams etc would vanish for between half a day & an entire WEEK (to Germany or Hong Kong in extreme cases) yet when I took 2 hours off for a morning at my chosen sport I got flayed by the QM & marked down on my CR for calling him a hypocrite.

    The date was Sept 1st & my chosen sport (recognised by the Army) was duck shooting & that is the first day of the season:)
  14. Gents the sport is still there to be played, it does of course take people to step forward and organise it all.....too much trouble I presume and far more difficult than just sitting around moaning eh?
    Yes life is harder than it ever was but I think it'd be unlikely that an OC would stop boys partaking in sport as long as the work/play ratio was healthy; dont forget there are only 4 boxes on the CR to do with employment....or is it 5??Whatever, the point is made I hope.