Where exactly are trfs sewn on

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by nilknarf123, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. I want to know so i can sew my own trf on because the useless tailors here are closed... again
  2. On your rank slide on 95 shirt mate. Unless you have a rank and then it goes behind your cap badge.
  3. ??????????????????????????????
    please tell me you are not serious.

    trf (theatre recognition flash) is normally on the right arm of shirts and smocks bout 3 inches from shoulder seam
  4. yes i think he was having a wee laff.

    just to be sure mate, get a copy of your dress regs... it'll give you a nice measurement to go by.
  5. Bone question = Bone response dude.
  6. ah si si seniore
  7. it aint a bone question, i a sprog so i dont know these things yet?

    ty sharkie
  8. my how i love text speak , it speaks volumes about how well educated you really are!
  9. You could just fucking look at the rest of your unit and see where theirs are sewn. :roll:
  10. thank you... is that better?
  11. much better... now doesnt that feel better
  12. Capital letter to start a sentance. :wink:
  13. ok well i think between me,Recce19 and f_t_g_t we have put off nilknarf123 from posting before thinking

    engage brain before typing!!!!!!