Where Eagles Darent

Can anyone tell me why a Bell 47 Helicopter appears in the film ‘ Where Eagles Dare ‘ ? The whole sequence seems pointless and ruins the film. Im right in thinking that no Helicopter design was ever produced during the war? ....... and also ( ranting now ) How may sticks of blerdy TNT can you get in a small daysack.Clint & Ritchie seem to have a never ending supply. Rant over.
I think you're right Harry, but its still a cracking film and has always been one of my favourites.

"Broadsword calling Danny-boy" classic! :D
How about Clint's apparent ability to hit anyone he feels like with an MP40 despite no apparent aiming or use of the sights and stock? Surely an MG42 would have been abetter thing for the back of the bus anyway.
The Germans I believe did use helicopters very late in the war in small quanties and limited capabilities
Used mainly in the medi-vac type role from what I remember.
As for the never ending bag of TNT I would agree its a tad unlikely :lol:
You will be critising Star Trek next for being unrealistic.

It's fiction! It's Holloywood!
The two handed MP40 shootout is classic Clint. Classic film !
Do they come in other colours then?
ah shut it its a great film, they dont make em like that anymore.

Although i fell asleep after half an hour last night


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Never mind the Heli, what about the accents? No wonder they suceeded in their mission, when the Bosch were even talking English to them in the Kneiper!
I always wanted when i was a kid the reversible Ski jacket. Waltastic!
Very sad I know but most countries had operational helicopters/autogyros by 1944. Italians had them 1943. Although all were very limited as they were prone to many mechanical faults.
In fact Hanna Reitsch flew one inside a large exhibition halle in Berlin before WWII broke out.
America even experimented with them from subs in the Pacific
I think that they must all be Royal Signals to be able to contact Britain on a wipe aerial. Still as you say gripping stuff.
Some one makes the revirsable ski jackets as he was a fan of the movie very exspensive though .see if i can find the page again.

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