Where Eagles Dare Reversible Parka

"Broad Sword Calling Danny Boy"

So that I can WALT it around Verbier this winter and leap from cable car to cable car,could someone please enlighten me as to which is the correct pattern of revesible parka that appears in the film "Where Eagles Dare"

I have seen Spring/Winter & Autumn/Winter patterns in the Waffen SS section of the M&S Walting catalogue but cant work out which is the nearest match.

"Broad Sword Calling Danny Boy"
I'm after a similar sort of thing, one of the old wehrmacht DPM capes. I saw one the other night, whilst I was watching "The Keep", fantastic film by the way.


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I pinched a smasher off the Finns in Cyprus, and then some cnut pinched it off me in Fally, can't trust anyone
If you're after some repro old school winter kit, Wolsey are remaking the smocks they issued to Captain Scott for his 1910 Antarctic expedition.

Tres chic non?

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And as I'm sure you are aware Sandman, those are NOTHING like what Capt Scott wore in the Antarctic . Much like the Nigel Clayborne (?) parkas are not much like what Hillary and tenzing wore up Everest.

I have a smock from the Heroic Period. When you read what they wore (which wasn't as unpractical as you might think) and read a book like Apsley Cheery-Garrad's "The Worst Journey In The World", you realise why it was called the Heroic Period !!

If anyone's ever in Cambridge, a visit to the Scott Polar Research Museum is well worth an hour.

Oh, and that Where Eagles Dare reversible parka is nothing like the ones worn in the movie. Colours match but geometric pattern is too blurred ......

Those buttons look far too small to be practical in the antarctic. Would look retro-cool for snowboarding, though.
Unless you get lost, or trapped in a avalanche...in which case, the mountain rescue boys might be a little frustrated at your choice of clothing! ;-)
Ay, but the snipers couldn't see you.

Anyone know the weapon in RU99's picture ? I should do, but I can't bring it to mind.
I want to say a G43 but the mag is too long - did they issue an extended one?
It look like the mag in question is one of the 25 round mags that I have seen. Marked WaAB43 with the German Eagle ...but I think they are fake and made post war.
Would this be the gear he was wearing when he died of cold and starvation? Hmm. Think I'll stick with gary gore-tex, thanks.
Uh, no. As D_B points out earlier in the thread, Wolsey supplied them with something similar to that, but they never wore them for the expedition proper.
My reccomendation was tongue in cheek, but it might have a certain vintage ally appeal for popping down to B&Q or walking the hund.
The Parkas used in Where Eagles Dare were not the typical White/ Splinter "B" wehrmacht, but were a rare 1945 all arms trials pattern (Splinter "D"). I refer you to

Camouflaged Uniforms of the Wehrmacht
J. Borsarello D. Lassus
Iso-Galago publications 1988

On pages 28-29 the parkas from the movie are pictured (courtesy of the Jack Selwyne collection, London)

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