Where Eagles Dare - channel 5 8pm


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this and a curry - thats the evening sorted then.


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he's listening out for Broadsword. *nose-pointy*


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they had a Bell 47 (I believe) sat in the courtyard of the castle dressed up to look like a Luft 46 ish type machine, but I think it just sat there as set dressing.

I stand to be corrected however.
The heli flies some Kraut top brass into the castle.
Watching here in the Balkans, a classic film... didn't we have an entire thread dedicated to the helicopter in the film?! :?
'Where Eagles Dare' when there's 'Britains Without Talent' on!!??!??!?

No contest!
Something about this film that has a strange amnesia effect on me at the beginning, as I find myself questioning Richard Burtons allegiance.

I always seem to remember whats going on around about the time they have a sit down with the General at the Schloss Adler. Strange, but happens every single time!
JoseyWales said:
In 1946, Arthur Young of the Bell Aircraft company, designed the Bell Model 47 helicopter, the first helicopter to have a full bubble canopy.
I had one once


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