Where Eagles Dare 151755z Jan 12

If Mel Gibson directed , then the Brits would be portrayed as cold-hearted but essentially chickenshit bastards who have to be rescued by the fearfully gallant Fifth Cavalry ( who would never dream of urinating on on Boche fallen) ....I often wonder what the the hell UK did to that twat to piss him off so....mind you - he's a failed Aussie ......nuff said.
Well some English toff rodded his missus on their wedding night for a start. Not even winning B.........n* could make up for that.
* Don't want to provoke another Scottish Independence row.


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Brian Sewell (for it is he...: (whilst retaining upper class british accent): "Yippee Ki Yaay motherfucker".

Oh it's only in the bag, let's do it - ARRSE productions presents.
I have that scene in my head now - I reckon Sewell would be available for the voice-over if the money's right....

Mocking up a Junkers from an old DH Dove or even a C-47 shouldn't be too difficult...reckon Rickman would want to do his own stunts?

( and please can we use Casting Collective for the crowd scenes - not J-J's outfit ? .....and the chiefiest BRITISH gun nut off this board (Cuddles?/ Cernnunos? ) as Unit Armourer? Hee ....MG42s, P-38s and proto-Kalashnikovs all round! )

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