Where does the weight go?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by EX_STAB, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. 1900 hrs Weight 16st 4 lbs

    1 hour circuit training.

    20:15 hrs weight 16st 2 lbs

    Can I really have sweated 2 lbs, about a litre of water?

    OK i am rather sweaty but it seems astonishing!

    Any physiologists out there?
  2. Did you maybe go for a cheeky No 2 ?
  3. Clearly his willy dropped off.
  4. I'll check my shorts! ;)
  5. did you curl one off after training?!!!
  6. Yes, mostly lost in sweat.

    Scales can be inaccurate though - might actually be 16st 3lb 10oz to 16st 2lb 6oz so somewhere between 500-1000ml.
  7. Sure, they're not the most accurate of scales but I always take a few readings to check. Seems a surprising amount to sweat though!
  8. Yes, whilst you may have lost the weight, bear in mind that when you rehydrate you will put it back on immediately.

  9. was there any difference in clothing? could account for a bit off that.
  10. and to be dull! You will lose water through sweat, but you may also lose a bit through just breathing out. so yes, it's a piece of piss to lose 2lb through perspiring.
  11. Dropped your wallet :?
  12. naked on both occasions! :D

    Clearly I will put weight back on with fluid intake. I've just had four pints of Pedigree which will more than make up for it. It just seemed surprising to lose so much through sweating.
  13. Come out to my place EX_STAB, you will loose more than that :D
  14. I've heard figures of up to a litre an hour in sweat.

    All the hydration advice I've heard from coaches etc and various sources generally say something along the lines of "it's perfectly possible to sweat a litre in an hour, so you must ensure you keep hydrated"
  15. Scales can f*ck with you. In one day I went from 164lbs to 168 lbs. I think your body can fluctuate quite alot during the day.