Where does the completed RG8 go?

hi, I spoke with the ACIO today and they advised me that they have just sent off my RG8 form - after waiting 3 weeks for the GP to fill it in!!!

anyway, can anyone tell me where it actually goes?.... i have been told two different things, 1, it goes to some place in glasgow, and 2, it goes to the ADSC in lichfield.....

i wanna know just outa interest really.
It will go to your ACIO area ADSC, so more than likely to ADSC Lichfield, your Recruiter will mark it as Dispatched on the computer system. Once there the Med sister and admin side will assess the RG8 and make sure its completed properly and there are no areas of concern where the GP has added information. It will be clicked over as recieved by ADSC then await the SMO decision. If everything is ok it will be shown on the system the following day as suitable and your recruiter will let you know. If there are any problems at all or they need addittional information then they will send it back to the GP etc. If you are ok except for astmha in the past you will come back as ok but it will be highlighted as needs a Spiro when you get past your interviews for the Recruiter to action with the ADSC staff and book on specific days.

It could take anywhere from 7-14 days to hear something back once dispatched to ADSC because of post and admin time. Remember the staff who are looking at these RG8's are also running medicals for those at ADSC so there could be a slight delay.

Its in the lap of the gods so wait out and the recruiter will let you know asp.

ps have known some GP's taking up to 3 months to fill out an RG8.

had a feeling it might be you that ans' this question......partly because it always seems to be you, and in many cases only you that does.

Im not sure if u remember, but it was u that ans' my original q's when i first started the application process.....way back, errrr, a month ago.

Cheers for your continued comments!

ps. myself and the Rec SGT have already been discussing the fact that it will probably amount 2 a defer....its not that rec sgt thinks so, its more what i think, and also what my own GP said. In the meantime, do u have any info regarding possible outcomes..eg defer, or dont bother applying again.....if so, whats the usual procedure?

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