Where does Dont rely on TA pay come from......

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Lumpy, Nov 27, 2007.

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  2. msr

    msr LE

    Years of experience.

    I can only presume you didn't check TA Regs thoroughly enough.

  3. Very true, I must admit experience should have taught me not to expect my pay....I'll have another go through TA Regs, see if I can come up with the relevant section. I've combed Chapters 5 & 7 (Terms of service and Pay etc) so far....
  4. Huge thread about this already.

  5. So next time, tell them to poke it or make provision to pay your bills.

    Common Sense?
  6. If you’re hacked off with not being paid for the time you’ve put in then don’t turn up for another drill night / weekend until you start getting paid, and let your PSAO know why you’re not turning up.

    If enough recruits do this then the message might just sink in.
  7. Take your pick from one of the following........

    PSAO's and Pay staff who can't get pay sheets entered into the system by the right date.

    Officer's and SNCO's who don't want to chase HQ staff with pay issues for their blokes.

    Tom's who can't follow simple instructions on filling in a pay sheet.

    Glasgow Snivel Servants taking leave and or public holidays just before pay day.

  8. DROTAP:

    It's a esoteric statement to infer a philosophy of the volunteer ethos. A bit like asking the Rolls Royce salesman about the mpg of a Silver Spur - if you need to knwo, you can't afford the car. If you need TA pay, as the theory goes, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. I don't believe for one moment that it's enshrined in TA Regs - that's a red herring.

    Of course, in days of yore, this held water. However, under the new fangled version of the TA with increasing standards, demands, TIME!, an commitment, an expectation of availability to be mobilised, it's like Liza's bucket - full of holes.

    sadly, I once thought that DROTAP was the preferred philosophy. Today, my opinion has changed irrevocably.

    No pay, I wouldn't turn up. Those that do are merely falling into the trap of regular complacency towards the TA and being taken for granted. Regulars wouldn't do it, why should you.

    Vote with your feet
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  10. Lumpy, why cant you go to your AO and ask for an advance?

    Originaly the expression refered to the fact that you should treat TA pay as extra to your civvy salary so dont include it when applying for a mortgage etc. These days the meaning has changed to say that if you ever get TA pay you are lucky.
  11. Quite the opposite - is it not a requirement of TA Regs that you carry a days pay on you? Well who is going to give you it?
  12. You don't expect big companies to pay on time do you??? If you worked for a small two bit operation then you should not rely on pay, I've been in a company like that and its not good when pay doesn't come in on time...
  13. By not paying you on time the TA isn’t exactly showing much commitment to you…
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  15. msr

    msr LE

    Tell them to poke it.

    Remember: Family -> Work -> TA

    Very simple.