Where does all the money go......

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ukdaytona, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. A few stories of where that big pot of cash goes.......

    From the Beeb http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7062525.stm
    MPs totted up £87.6m in expenses in the last financial year - a "like for like" rise of about 5% on the previous year, according to House of Commons figures. The figures average out at about £135,600 an MP, on top of their basic salary of £59,686 and pension. Labour minister Shahid Malik claimed the most at £185,421. Tory MP Philip Hollobone claimed the least - £44,551

    Same story but different numbers in the wail

    Also from the Wail - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=489833&in_page_id=1770
    Muslim inmates who were allegedly offered ham sandwiches during the holy season of Ramadan are suing for compensation. The incident is purported to have taken place at maximum security Leeds prison, where more than 200 Muslims are being held.

    The mix-up was said to have happened after prisoners were given their special nightly menus and they saw that one of the options was a 'boiled ham sandwich'. Any variant of pork is strictly forbidden according to Muslim teachings.

    and so the waste goes on mean while, how are you all enjoying your high quality accomodation???
  2. Out of interest, was the ham/pork option the ONLY option? If so, then perhaps they have a right to be upset, but by the sounds of it (Nightly flipping menu?! More than I get...) they had options aplenty and no grounds for complaint!
  4. Perhaps its about time the amount of expenses they can claim should be capped because then we would see who does it for the honour( :lol: ) of being a Member of Parliament and representing the people against those just out to line their pockets.....
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Thanks for the bone one liner, in capitals and a row of smilys there node. Bugger off back to kindergarden you useless muppet.

    But anyway, how can these muslims sue, or are they trying for legal aid, or as is more likely, its a load of old bollox.
  6. And at the same time the government proclaims that freedon of information will be extended to cover private companies, the politicians can still refuse to give full details of exactly what they are claiming.

    Try that on your next travel claim "I'm sorry I don't feel the need to explain how I'm spending taxpayer's money - you'll just have to trust me!"
  7. Now here is real value for money (for them, that is)

    Balls and Cooper claim £300,000 in expenses

    "The Cabinet's golden couple claimed more than £300,000 in expenses in the last financial year, including £30,000 for the cost of their "second home", official figures have revealed.

    The six-figure expenses bill was racked up by Ed Balls, the Children's Secretary and his wife, the Housing Minister Yvette Cooper"

  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    In fairness 30k works out at 2.5k per month. Thats a not un-reasonable rent in central London, however you can be sure its paying a mortgage not rent and they won't hand the house back when they leave. So in reality it's simply a free house for them. Thieving b@stards.
  9. I laughed at the BBC webpage that reported this (Clicky).

    Have a look at the little list showing average spending per party. The BBC lefties were so desperate to make the Conservative Party appear at the bottom of the list, and as far away from Liarbour as possible (so chav scum cannot compare and contrast) that unlike any other party listed the Conservatives were entered in as "Tories".

    Tin foil hat time, or yet more creaking subversive leftyism from the BBC?

    And before any of the stalinist's apologisers get into a froth, I know that the Liarbour MPs spent more on average because their constituencies tend to be further away from London than the Conservatives. Doesn't explain why they claim a lot more money that the DUP though.
  10. Part of a job I used to have a few years ago was to review senior managers annual expenses at a large company to check that they were sensible. Compared to a typical middle manager in such a company where they would travel worldwide and have to run home offices an admin and maybe a bag carrier, MP's expenses are generally pretty reasonable based on what I have seen. The guys I checked were not in any way excessive as they knew there were folks like me out there paid to challenge them, but when you think that a weeks round trip to the States for an MP and an assistant is rarely going to be less than 12k it kind of puts costs into perspective if they have to travel anywhere in the world once every couple of months, which is hardly excessive.

    Don't get me wrong I hate politicians as much as the next man and yes their expenses should be scrutenised but some people just have no idea what senior people cost to run and need to take a reality pill. Even if MP's only spent 1k per annum, I suspect someone would moan on principle :eek: