Where do you think you are going lad?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lsquared, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Latest 'Stalin' move to emulate the Stasi:

    Request 'Border Agency' approval for your journey abroad in advance, with full details, or face being turned back at the port/airport and a fine (tax).

    Here we are at an undisclosed (for security reasons) RAF Station (probably a 'civvy' airfield as 'Stalin' has closed most RAF airfields).

    Mover: Where are you going?
    Squaddie: Afghanistan.
    Mover: Why?
    Squaddie: Fock off!

    'Snowdrop' enters desk left. (It is between the hours of 0900 and 1600 and not in NAAFI or meal breaks)

    'Snowdrop' Have you notified the authorities about this journey?
    Squaddie: No, it was in Orders.
    'Snowdrop': Tough soldier, you are not leaving the country!
    Squaddie: Oh! dear, what a pity! (grins widely)

    Next 550 squaddies - repeat above!

    Tour cancelled!

    Government, if that is what it is called, destroyed in the next General Election!
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer


    How, pray tell, are the Border Agency going to enforce this 'permission/tax' seeing as there IS NO BORDER AGENCY CHECK ON PASSENGERS LEAVING THE COUNTRY and hasn't been since 1997 (coincidentally when labour got in and decided it was too expensive)?

    Sounds like a load of b0llocks to me.
  3. Just like David Cameron, I am prepared to say 'sorry'. The story was front page of today's Daily Telegraph, but I cannot find reference to it on the internet.

    True or not, to me it sounds exactly like 'Stalin'.

    PS: I shall keep hounding this article down and if necessary ask the DT to explain. Again, sorry if I have posted a pup!
  4. Ever wondered what happens to the data when the girl at the airline check-in swipes your passport on her terminal?

    (no- I'm not being paranoid!)
  5. Erm....a Civil Servant leaves it on a train?
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    No. Because I know entirely how the system works. Oh, and the check in girl doesn't swipe your passport. She checks your PNR against a booking, which corresponds to their passenger reservation system. And they are not trained on how to examine passports beyond more than a cursory glance. And you may recall that there are no embarkation cards completed on departure from the UK, so there is no way for the UKBA to collate these alleged statistics anyway.
  7. Thanks for that,
    If you are saying that the UKBA doesn't have access to that data, then
    fair enough.
    Surely more than a cursory glance at the passport? as you will be aware, the onus is on the airline to ensure that you have valid clearance to enter your destination country. Whether they have been trained fully enough for that is something else.
  8. I doubt the check-in people are going to be trained enough to give the passport much more than a cursory glance. With the intricate web of reciprocal arrangements, entry clearances and visa requirements and options that different countries have regarding each other, I've seen uniformed immigration officials at airports (British and otherwise) run their finger through guidelines far more often than I think is professional, so I don't think you can really count on Tracey, Louise or Damian at BA to be clued up enough to take on the 'onus'.
  9. I hate to have to admit having watched it, but I seem to recall whilst watching Airport (including the prancing puff from Aeroflot), that the airline is responsible for ensuring that its passengers have valid documents before they fly, the penalty for screwing it up being that the airline gets nailed for a nice phat fine if their passenger fails to produce documents on entry.

    Now how far that goes into whether the documents are actually 'real', I couldn't say, but I'm pretty certain its more a case they have to have the documents but some other sucker is responsible for their validity.

    Computer systems-wise, I couldn't say myself though if the booking system is hooked neatly into any 'gubmint' computer system - for my part I'd suspect not, as we'd know about it through the gaping hole in the IT budget paying for it from UK Border Agency if it were.
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    The airlines get a token gesture fine from the authorities, but much of that may or may not be paid. Lets just say the airlines jealously guard their profit margins, and may employ people to 'argue the toss' professionally. And theoretically, the authorites may not want to be to 'harsh' with the fines, for fear of 'damaging relations'.
  11. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Interesting, none of my sources have eeked a word about this 'plan' yet.

    'Piecemeal' introduction. Sounds about right. Why do a job properly when you can get Broone to do it for you?
  12. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    No. Because I know entirely how the system works. Wrong!!! The PNR is linked to the Airline that you have booked with, the details (your) booking is kept for up to 5 years, Because now as we all know pay Broons exit tax, airlines must prove who has travelled on there A/C .To pay the correct Passenger Tax to HMCRS, All airlines are obliged to show UKBA staff all flt manifests if requested, with the simple data protection form filled in by UKBA no warrant required.
  13. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Where did you get this information from?

    This is about taxation, not tracking people.

    And the information about viewing manifests has always been in effect IF REQUIRED, so nothing to do with tracking people, counting them or monitoring statistics by the UKBA.

    Obviously, if there was and form of embarkation control - WHICH THERE IS NOT, since it was dismantled by Labour in 1997 - then the airlines could collect those details and they would be checked and assesed by the UKBA upon collation. But (at the moment, and this article aside) there is nothing in place. So I am still right. Check you facts.