where do you say hello?

where do I say hello- the hole in my face known as the mouth
I'm barred from London. As anyone on any of the crawls will tell you.
come to london I'll buy you a drink with a mutual friend of ours- you know to make up for being a total twunt towards you with that photos thing
is there a classy bit of that there london town...? the whole reaks of stale piss and hookers
you never been to hampstead its got a heath a ******* heath I tells you
@ the snail well they look okay but to be honest I prefer the burd in the pink top... nothing personal I know it's a brave new world but I'm old fashioned I guess....
Are you going to set your killer hound on me? And who is the old bloke in your avatar?
Neil Sedaka. Scoobs and I will sing some of his songs to you if you want.

Oh, and you know that killer dog could kill you with just one whiff of his ears.

So zip it fatty.
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