Where do you go from Larkhill?

My Lad is in Phase 1 training and has had a letter from Larkhill advisig he will go there for Phase 2, he has elected to joing RRA - Gunners as a Light Gunner.

Where could he get posted to after that?

Thanks in advance for your help.
As a Light Gunner he can go to 3 regiments - 4 if you class Kings Troop (they can be light gun trained too). 7 Para RHA in Colchester, 29 Commando RA in Plymouth and Arbroath or 40 Regiment RA, currently in Topcliffe N.Yorks, soon to be based in Northern Ireland.
Thanks very much for the reply.

So he could join 7 Para RHA, does he then become a Para....

Likewise if he joins the 29 Commando RA.......does he become a Commando....?
Presumably the carers office told him he was a light gunner?

He will go to 7 Para, 29 Commando, 40 Regiment (as above) or maybe 4th Regiment (keeping one lt gun bty post tour).

Or has elected to go light gun? Has he chosen light gun from the RA trades?

If he has, but isn't a cdo or para volunteer (which he would know - you have to volunteer to go to 7 or 29, you don't get sent there by accident) then that narrow it down to 4th or 40. If he has volunteered, then which one for?

If Para, then post Phase 2 he goes to Colchester and prepares for P-Coy. If Cdo he goes to Plymouth and prepares for All Arms commando Course.

Any help?
Thanks for that django.

He elected to go Light Gun, but that is about all I know. So based on your info he will then probably 4th or 40th.

I suppose we will wait and see.

Thanks again.
I find it worrying that your son doesn't know his options even at this early stage of his career. He should have been briefed by the ACIO and certainly by his intake staff at Ph1.
He probably does, but being a young lad does not communicate everything to his Dad, therefore I am somewhat in the dark.

I had a couple of quick texts and one short conversation to enquire after his health, and that is it.

The research is really for me to know a little about his future, or maybe that is expecting too much, maybe I should wait for the postcard from the sand!!

Thanks for the reply.
Pirbright is nice. He should remember to invite you to his Families Day (about half way through the course - 7 weeks) and Pass Out parade (14 weeks after he started, unless he is back squadded).

If he can't tell you more, suggest he speaks to his RA Directing Staff at Pirbright. They should give more advice. All RA recruits also get an RA brief in the first 7 weeks, a visit to Larkhill and told which regiment they are going to before week 14.

If however, he just wont tell you more, because speaking to his Dad is like pulling teeth, then I can only hope you get enough info from here!

Yeah that is right, however over the past three years our relationship has got stronger, and talking of teeth............

Before he went for his assesment he was told not to come broken..... a quick dental visit ended up costing me £2500!!!!

At least he went all in one piece, and then if he gets broken he can get fixed by the Army........

No NHS here on the Isle, had to be private at short notice, got took to the cleaners........ 8O

For starters he used to open beer bottles with his teeth, lots of chips down to the enamel, had to be white at the front, several. :cry:

Broken tooth from scrapping...... :x

Need root canal on one molar, white of coure, two others needed filling...

Then of course needed the hygenist and cleaning.........

Then of course they sell you the little brushes for cleanng the gaps....


As I was not with him for the job.....well that hit the CC and still paying.... :evil:

All done now, he can pay for everythiing himself now he has a real job...made sure he left home in one piece with everything, hopefully, he needed so feel alright.
A Good job well done Sir. Rest easy in the knowledge that his medical expenses are now free.

I bet being Manx (? - I assume that Isle??) he can run, what with 3 legs and all. Or is that just a myth?
My lad was born in Wiltshire, we have been here for 13 years.......no liver left to speak of.

With regard to the running, rumour has it, it is something to do with the middle leg, however I can not perosonally comment on that......... :p

The other good thing about here is that there are three Manx Kittens to every Tom...

Most of the young studs go off the Island......see that the rest of the world is not left in the Victorian Era and they stay away.

My Lad could not wait to get off, it was too small for his filandering, and if the people dont know what your upto, then they make it up... :twisted:
My last Adjutant was a Manx boy. He did imply that it was fairly boring on the isle, less for the mental bit surrounding the TT!

As your lad is at Pirbright, he should have received the briefs I mentioned - outline of the Royal Artillery and Regiments and maybe his Regimental choice (depending on how far he is through).

The Gunner presence here is strong and we are trying to keep the nurturing levels high, so if he is still confused or has random questions, assure him he can go and see any Gunner instructor for answers - they shouldn't bite!
i am in the same troop as your son even in the same section i can tell you his going for 40 reg to go to ireland. His doing fine in trainin hell he can even iron now lol
Make sure you introduce yourself to me on the 10th of next month!! :D

How was the adenture training? :?

Good look to you all.

Take care.
I bet you are all pretty wet right now, as I belive you are on manouvers.

I hope you really enjopyed yourselves, enjoying yourselves.

There are some pictures on www.father.smugmug.com you might even see yourself there, unless you are in the full suit and gas mask!!

See you next week.

All the best,

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