Where do you get your news?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. My dad popped round for a coffee and a chat on Monday night and I had BBC news idling in the background. My dad has become an interesting fellow since he took early retirement some years back and has sort of regressed into this hippy-ish conspiracy theory type. So we're watching the news with the hurricane reporting going on and he starts cracking up and asked me to switch it over to either Russia Today or Euronews.

    I saw his point when I changed the channel. BBC news was covering three headline stories (Hurricane Sandy, Jimmy Saville and Referee being racist) and that was it, with most of the attention on the American weather. When we switched to Euronews, we got some hurricane coverage but we also got recent action in Syria (including ceasefire being broken), Ukraine election results and commentary, Russia trade talks with the middle east, economy ratings of the Euro and some stuff about austerity in Spain and the riots.

    So it occurred to me that the Beeb basically just runs the same pointless shite over and over. There was plenty going on in the rest of the world to be talked about but they were just sticking to three dross headlines and the sport round up. Nothing was happening. Dad claimed it's because they're afraid to take any risks and like to keep the public happy - mental weather being something that the British public are very fond of discussing. I reckon it's more a case of wishy-washy 'don't hurt their feelings' type reporting.

    For the time being, Euronews has been my go-to 24 hour news channel. Might not be a wise choice but at least I know what's going on in the rest of the world.

    Excluding newspapers, where do most of you usually get your news from?
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  2. On here.
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  3. Ditto.
  4. I usually get news from the BBC web pages, but I have noticed a huge US bias nowadays with everything from fairly important stories about the US to the most inane US story on their headline page, which is quite annoying. If I wanted to see endless drivel about the US I would look at cnns or fox news websites. Time to change methinks.
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  5. I go to the J2 cell.
  6. Somewhat alarmingly, me too.

    I'll maybe catch the news on the tv sometimes, but usually follow a link on here, then follow links once I'm on the news site
  7. I gave up on newspapers years ago, BBC News is a bit like news for people who are hard of understanding.
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  8. Yeah, I tend to use this place as a source too. Like I said, there's a lot to learn from ARRSE. I generally just read (until recently where I have posted boring bollocks about my own life) and try to take in the opinions and the knowledge. But usually I catch something on TV or online headline-wise and pop on here to see what's being said.
  9. The Guardian, BBC News, Sky news when there are not any elections going on and ARRSE can be very informative. You see a thread with a new title and think, oh! I didn't know that was going on!
  10. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Arrse, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Reddit, Popbitch & Wired.

    Provides a balanced perspective.
  11. The Economist
    Modern Railways
    Rail Magazine
    The WSJ
    The FT
    The Telegraph
    The Guardian
    The Prague Monitor
    The Australian
    The Slovak Spectator
    BBC World Service
    ABC business news
    All seeing all knowing Judges of the Czech Republic
    All dealing all stealing international owners of companies in the Czech Republic




    and me fecking mum who keeps sending me Daily Wail articles
  12. there's only one source i really trust


    other than that its the BBC news24 and online every day, occasionally the economist (i should just subscribe) and RT when i'm getting sick of listening to evil western pig dog propaganda.

    and now i think of it thanks to arrse i'm reading a lot more of the daily mail and telegraphs online content than i used to (or really want to most of the time).
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  13. I'm most likely to hear it on the car radio - so the Beeb, either 5 Live or 4. I don't care much about Ukraine or Russia except if they have some poor weather.
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  14. Al Jazeera; the Glasgow Herald; the South China Morning Post; the China Post for old time's sake; and the BBC out of habit. ARRSE Current Affairs forum provides a good heads-up, too - even given the number of people who can't tell 'Current Affairs' from 'stuff wot's happening'.