Where do you draw the line ?

Two squaddies chatting : Squaddie 1, " I've got this fat bird who's got three kids who looks after me." Squaddie 2 " My bird's got two kids mate, I draw the line at two - any more than that and y're screwing a right bucket." Choked on NAAFI tea - nothing new there then.
I draw the line at pot-noodle famillies.

The only pro is that you can nail the kids, and it's only paedophillia, not incestuos peadophillia :)

I lie.....I'll nail anything....kids or not.
I draw the line in the sand
johnny cash walked the line
I draw the line at birds who weigh more than me.
Bath Rugby players like a nice line out...
I had a line once but then I got a tumble dryer
the snail likes line ups...


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If you want excused PT get a line from your mother.

Don't know where she gets the line from though.
I went to the line once................got the washing in and went in for a cuppa. it was raining!
When I was a kid we had the only telephone LINE in our street, we was posh
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