Where do you carry your command kit?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by usmarox, May 3, 2010.

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  1. Hi all. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum; seemed like the least bad place to put it...

    Possibly a (n extremely) bone question, but as the saying goes, why learn from your own mistakes if you can learn from someone else's.....

    I've been pinged for my first "command" appointment and I've been warned off to start worrying about things like tams, model kit etc. I've been trying to figure out where to put it, and it seems to me that you won't need 90% of it 90% of the time. Unless I'm mistaken, you only need a couple of crib cards (9-liner, 10-liner, fire support, possibly QBO) and your navigation kit on you, and the rest can stay in the daysack until it's needed.

    Am I missing something really obvious, or is it this simple?
  2. You've got it about right mate - at least as far as I am concerned. Use the exercises to test and adjust what works for you before you go, that's what I advise my guys and have done myself.
    Good luck, you'll do fine.
  3. What role sect 2ic or sect comd? if its 2ic you need to worry about different things than a sect commander such as ammo cas states and equipment tables - dont worry about the 9 liner a mist report will do fine as your Pl Sjt will be all over the 9 liner,tams go in your webbing along with a prismatic get your cards and punch a hole in the top right and put a grenade pin through them to hold them together- that way they are all in your pocket and if u really wanna show off get some jarvis model card cut it down to a5 size and scotch brite it and use it grenade pinned together as your command notebook.- sorry for no full stops stc but i coulnt be arrsed!
  4. Or if you're planning on going to RMAS get used to the drill for there and keep absolutely everything in one of your 6 smock pockets, all handily attached to the jacket via green string. With webbing on you will have t1ts. This is an utterly unrealistic method but it is the factory SOP. Suck it up.
  5. I found as I progressed through Sandhurst the ratio of stuff in pockets versus stuff left in room changed significantly. My point? SOPs and the personal experience of others aside, often the key determinate is your personal requirement; ie, carry what you need and put it where you need it. Obviously you will need to ensure that your judgement is consistent with that of your instructor...
  6. I've found the top pocket of the NI pack will carry TAMS, A5 nyrex, model making kit, mini binos, headtorch, etc etc quite well and close to hand.

    It could also be carried in your webbing, but there again that's where the 354 will end up.

    The way I was taught was to have everything in the pockets as well, but it gets a bit OTT. I've heard it said that 'for any time you've not got your daysack you will be able to work off cribcards, for any time you need to do a full cbt estimate and O group you will have your daysack with you'; whilst I can see how you would want as much of the stuff on you for as much of the time as poss 'just in case', I find top pocket of the daysack works for me.
  7. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    It does end up looking like you are a pie scoffer after a while, but it's a fair bit easier to look in a pocket for something that to go hunting in a utility pouch or a random pocket in a daysack for things like that.

    Mind you, my TAM is in my webbing. My pockets tend to fill up with food, notebooks, pens and laminated useful bits of the eNyrex.
  8. Take off your right ammo pouch and replace it with a utility pouch put your tams and stuff you need to hand in there
  9. My bold.

    Not sure that's quite such a good idea; personally, i'd stick to things that go bang in there. suppose it depends on your trade/task though
  10. Personally, I'd agree too!
  11. Surely taking off your right ammo pouch cuts you down from a possible 9 mags & 2 grens to only 3 mags & 2 grens? That's before you think about smoke. 3 mags in your beltkit and the fourth on the weapon might work fine with what you typically get for UK training, but I'm pretty sure operational scales are a fair bit more than that! 2 of the double ammo pouches seems right to me.

    You could put your command kit in a utility pouch elsewhere, but like I said above, you've also got a 354, water, and all the other stuff like FFDs et al, RCK, smoke, loose, bayonet, PRR and probably at least a smattering of some sort of survival kit to think about.
  12. The idea being if you are in command you are unlikely to fire your weapon much (unless you f#ck up big time ) let alone go though 9 mags. Also if you do go in fighting you take out your command kit out and put in things that go bang.
  13. In the wagon!
  14. Use somebody's else 's kit