Where do we stand?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. Immigration. Rights of immigrants. Law changes to accomdate immigrant Groups.

    I am not a racist. I love my country.

    Where can we, the Britsih go? Has our country become a foreign land already?
  2. I agree, very hard not to sound racist on this one but I totally agree.
  3. I think we should be taking the same sort of line as Australia - allow planned immigration of people who have something to offer, be very tough on illegal immigration, and make it clear that anyone who does come is free to fit in - or leave.
  4. Never be allowed - too much like common sense! :roll:
  5. Absolutely spot on. I cannot understand why we continue to allow illegal immigrants the oppurtunity to have their cases reviewed. We know which countries have repressive regimes, keeping thousands of their native population inour country will not change their governmental style. sending them back - with no delay may create a causal effect.
  6. This is part of the reason i will never live in the UK while it is in the hands of Blair. He wants the UK destroyed in order to sell us out to the EU, where he still thinks he will be our overloard without having to bother with elections.

    Which party do you think all these rejects from the rest of the world are going to vote for? The one which will give them everything for nothing of course.
  7. Our country is run by cowards and traitors. The phrase Lions led by Donkeys was never more approriate.

    The truly depressing thing is that, even if we manage to kick Labour out, the next bunch of cnuts who replace them will be just as bad, if not worse. The Tories talk a good game, but once in power they'll concentrate on getting their noses in the trough, just like Labour.

    The Lib Dems? Don't be silly.

    Never thought I'd say it, but I'm giving serious thougth to voting BNP next time around.
  8. Because they are entitled to a fair trial and reviews are part and parcel of a fair trial.

    Think about s.180 of the Army Act - the right to a redress, think about the summary appeals court which allows a soldier to appeal a summary award. We cannot on one hand say that one is fair and one is not, especially when the argument is based on preconceived ideas of what a person's fundamental rights and freedoms ought to be, and perhaps this is more relavent when it is considered that most of the population form their opinion's based on the leading article in the popular press as opposed to actually researching in some depth the actual issue.

    I personally think an immigrants rights should be forfeited when the enter the country as an illegal immigtant, however there are wider policy issues at stake (HRA 98, and its constitutional impact) and these issues are blind to 99% of the population.

    Send 'em back I say, but I am clearly in the minority.
  9. Sammy, your mail has confused me ( not difficult!!) as you seem to be saying two different things at the same time?

    I do agree with your final point, I think that committing an illegal act to enter our country debars you from claiming immunity under our laws. Send em home - quick fast!
  10. :D I always luv that phrase
    but... of course you are a racist you tosspot...
  11. Actually I am not, I am of Asian descent, from Uganda.
  12. Im not a racist, My best mate is black!
  13. So? You don't have to be bloody white to be a racist... and what the hell are you doing in my country anyway.. go bloody home!!!! I am not a racist but..
  14. I was born here, so were both my mother (what you would call a fully English person) and my father. My grandfather has had British Passport all his life. He lost all his financial assets in the collapse of Uganda and was ejected with my Grandma. He could only legally come to England.

    So let me tell you about our country mate and the way in which illegal immigrants are eroding our core Values and Standards. I find it particularly galling as I am currently serving in one country having spent last year, getting my arrse bombed off in Cimic House Basra.
  15. You are making this up as you go alonng aren't you?