Where do people end up?

Ive moved jobs quite often recently due to various cutbacks and issues but over the years I have seen a bit of a trend. My work in local authority positions brings me into contact with a lot of ex forces personnel emloyed within local councils and each person seems to have a different approach and outlook to how and why they do the job.
I am predominantly reserve but have completed 2 FTRS postings and 2 tours, with me not being a "teeth arm" (a term which I believe is not only offensive to everyone not deemed 'combat active but is grossly offensive to those not infantry tasked who have given their lives) and in a more administrative role I seem to be a capable planner and an active contributor to a team, but my weakness's lay in not communicating my requirements well enough and of being pretty shy in new company.

Infantry people I have worked with seem to be unshy, very good at being dextorous and getting stuck in but seem to be difficult when under instruction with a bit of a holier than thou type approach.

RAF guys seem to be a good mix of both but almost unacknowledge their own contributions and are the last who sit and share tales and have a laugh about time served.

Havent worked with anyone in the Navy yet but I expect they are similar to the RAF.

Discuss maybe?
Fascinating stuff. An interesting alternative career for former armed services personnel is police work. Yes, too much form stuff and so on. But there does seem to be a trend over the last decade or so, from what I can see, of former armed forces people in police and detective positions.

I mean they have relative similarity, require certain attention to detail and procedure and so on. Bear in mind even the most basic of domestic disputes requires a few hours just to end your contribution. Like per crime or offense 2 or 3 hours or so. Some of the most annoying is like at the place of the incident and deciding whether or not the police should spend time on the matter. Increasingly most police crime action is just domestic and anti social disorder suppression. From stopping drunk drivers to brawling spouses over whom owns the TV and people call the police 'oh, I just thought I'd let you know' stuff.
To be honest, total bollox if you ask me. The diversity within a platoon is huge never mind the whole infantry, RAF or whoever else.
No, would have to disagree slightly. I'm ex-RMP and there seemed to be a higher concentration of back stabbing career monkeys than any other regiment/corp. They are also called ****s.
Havent worked with anyone in the Navy yet but I expect they are similar to the RAF.
No they are not. Not in the least. Having once seen the (almost) entire ships company of HMS Cornwall hit Rauls Rose Garden (after having us on board for more than a few drinks) I can assure you they are way better than the RAF.
The RAF often seems to me to be lots of individuals doing similar jobs whilst both the RN and army take unit cohesion and teamwork across all levels far more seriously.

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