Where do officers come from?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by barbs, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. Not an officer, leave me alone.

  2. Non-Grad, no prior experience

  3. Grad, no prior experience

  4. Non - Grad, UOTC experience

  5. Grad, UOTC experience

  6. Non - Grad, TA or UOTC commission

  7. Grad, TA or UOTC commission

  8. Non - Grad, TA experience

  9. Grad, TA experience


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  1. barbs

    barbs LE

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I read through the OTC threads about the purpose of OTCs etc. What is not clear is what are the backgrounds of our officer corps. Shurely someone in Upavon can crack out some statistics about this - I want to make some up!

    So what's your background:

    Me non graduate and it has taken approx 37 mins to type this post.
  2. abacus

    abacus LE


    Do you mean just Reg or both TA & Reg?

    For either or both, RCB at Westbury must have the stats as - other than LE - all Officers, Reg or TA must go through them prior to RMAS and have to submit fairly detailed background info in advance.

    Of course, they may not have actually compiled the stats...
  3. Vonshot

    Vonshot War Hero

    I have just noticed someone is a non grad with UOTC experience 8O ???? how can that be? if they are an undergrad in the UOTC then they are not an officer, only a cadet until they join a real org such as Regular Army or TA.
  4. Not quite; they can earn a Type 'B' commission whilst still an undergrad. This would usually put them in their third year.
    Scary, huh? 8O
  5. barbs

    barbs LE

    I s'pose they could have gone to uni, been in the UOTC and then leave before getting a degree thereby being non-grad with UOTC commission or experience.

    Or are you suggesting that degrees are now so worthless that all you have to do is knock out three years' attendance :D ?
  6. fatcakes

    fatcakes War Hero

    Thats me non-grad with UOTC. I failed a programming module in my final year and as a result amm still a non grad hoping to fix this at open uni but I commisioned group b while still in OTC did a year there and off to a group A unit as a sprog 2lt now Lt doing MK1 with JOTAC sometime this year.
  7. The section of flesh removed during male circumsicion is hung froma nail with a weight attached. When it has stretched sufficiently, it is sent away somewhere and commissioned.
    Sorry if this does not sound 'made up'
  8. barbs

    barbs LE

    Old Red Cap

    I think you'll find that isn't entirely accurate - my understanding (given to me by my first pl sgt) was that you could not be circumsized (or in your example, just a foreskin) to be an officer as the requirement was to be a complete pric*.

  9. What about LE's?
  10. barbs

    barbs LE

    Please, someone bite
  11. Sorry - In my day we had some respect for officers and realised they would not be complete prycks
  12. barbs

    barbs LE

    Its a sad reflection of how times change!
  13. What about officers who do ''in service'' degrees?
  14. Vonshot

    Vonshot War Hero

    A class B commission :roll: thats second best then? :D I was always of the opinion that the OTC was just that, a "Training corps" some with potential, some snotty sh1ts who needed a clip around the ear :D