Where do leaving soldiers medical records go?

Hi all.

I left the TA about a year ago, and now I'm trying to trace down my medical records. Would anyone be able to advise me what typically happens to meddocs once a bod has left? Are they kept at unit / RTMC or sent of to Glasgow?

Also, do the nice people at Glasgow accept external enquiries, or do they only expect to be contacted by unit admin staff?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Ring up and check.

Their was plans to make them accessible from any DII terminal (with suitable login) in PDF form, might not have been completed yet.
Dunno, if you find out, let me know please as they lost mine and never found them.
Allegedly they'd lost mine too when I enquired about them a little while after leaving - until I got called up for Telic and they magically appeared again. Funny that.
Ex Regular & TA - They are stored with your Army Records at APC Glasgow under your Service Number - Simples


Application Form

I received copies of all my Army Records as well as Med Docs a few years back with a large amount of black pen editing out of other peoples names, and a few references etc, but my Med Docs were intact as far as I could see.
Write to:

Mail Point 515
Army Personnel Centre
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
G2 8EX

Enclose a photocopy of your ID (passport, driving licence etc.)
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