Where do I stick this? Question about medals

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by abouturn, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. I aquired a #2 jacket off ebay, it came from a Royal Anglian. The jacket has 3 medals (bar) they are quite impressive and would like to know more. I suspect he was one of the guys that got killed a few years back around the time Ross Kemp was filiming with them, hence release of jacket.

    The bars are:-

    Military Medal
    UN protection force in the former Yugoslavia (2)

    Any ideas where I can get the details? I feel it inappropriate to contact the seller of the jacket or indeed the familiy as I'm sure they have enough to deal with without having researches asking sensitive questions.
  2. I've got a coonskin hat which was worn by Davy Crockett at The Alamo and a pair of green hunters as worn by Wellington at Waterloo (it's how they got their name you know).

    How much would you pay for them?

    If you're interested, there's a female on the website deals with WW1 german militaria. She has a fine collection of Pickelhaube's. Her ID is Poppy. She also does a line in undercover FANY's.
  3. Or someone who has left the army, and is now selling all his surplus kit on ebay?
  4. Hopefully.
  5. They would not be selling kit from 'killed in action' men, people put any ribbon on things and sell as 'SAS PARA Marine commando knife fighting No 2's jacket', then people like you who are really gullable buy them! All military kit that comes from a deceased soldier are burnt by the QM's department and would NOT find them on Waltbay!
  6. You know guys, this board takes some effort! Sarcasm to prove a point is, well an out of date style, not necessary at all. Duh.

    "..left the service and selling surplus kit.." yeh good reply
    "..deceased soldier kit burnt.." another useful informative reply
  7. So, you're not interested in the Davy Crockett hat then?
  8. and i suspect you're a dildo.
  9. Why would you assume it was kit from a dead soldier?

    Did the seller say it was?

    Are you fu.cking mental?
  10. Do you think his mum is selling it on ebay because she's a bit skint? Or is she just clearing out old junk? I like a wah but this is just tasteless. You can stick it up your arrse.
  11. He probably wants to wear them whilst (quote)'co-conspiring the destruction of the world'
  12. Abouturn..I suggest you do what your name say's and fcuk off butt munch.
  13. Abouturn........ I've just read some of your posts........ you're a bit of a co.ck, aren't you?

    You buy uniform from Ebay and suspect it is from a dead soldier...... and on another thread you want to do some proper military training.

    I'm going to stick my clacker on the block here and suggest you are either a Mitty or a fetishist.

    Either way........ do one, you stroker.
  14. Well said blobmeister!