Where do I start?

I distant relative of mine who I have recently got back in contact with served in WWII. He doesnt like to talk about it, but his daughter has informed me that he served in a unit that had a badge with a blue background and a tommy gun. Which I remember was an early commando insignia.

It seems he was decorated for his service, and I'm led to believe quite highly, but he never collected any of his decorations for reasons I havnt been able to find out.

I would like to find out what decorations he may have recieved, and if possible, get them to him.

Problem is I dont have a scooby where to start. Any ideas who I should be phoning up or visiting?

any help is greatly appreciated.

If the Old geezer didn't want the medals and doesn't want to talk about it, theres probably a damn good reason for it. It may be best to let sleeping dogs lie.
I have to agree. There will be a bloody good reason why he didnt want to claim the medals he was due so best to leave it. If you have offered to try and he has refused the offer, you need to respect his wishes.

If, when the old boy is eventually pushing up poppies, and his family want to try and claim his medals as a keepsake then so be it.
My original thoughts aswel. But from what little I have spoken to him, I got the distinct impression he enjoyed his time serving. I think he genuinely believe nobody would be interested in his stories.

I would very much like to find out more and get these awards to him if possible, I know he would appreciate it.

Anybody know who to contact?
I agree with To the pub, if he dosen`t want to talk to you about it you must respect his wishes. You don`t know the reasons just yet and you may awaken something terrible inside him.

As for finding out about his service, unless you are directly related and have his permission, your chances of getting anything official, I think are nil.

If you`ve only just got to know each other again, alittle time, a build up of trust and you never know what might happen a year or two down the line.

I wish you and your relative well, but please don`t push him too hard.
We crossed posted....try the Veterans Agency. Sorry don`t have a link but try and Google it.
Found it, cheers.

Il speak with him further before continuing, make sure he will appreciate it...

Thanks again.

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