Where do I start with my kit?!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by surfgirl, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. I have just joined the TA and don't have any military background. No doubt I will get some sarky comments directed at my inane questions but here goes..
    I was attested, went away with work for 3 weeks, then returned and I have just been issued with all my kit and have basically been told to turn up in it next week ready for inspection.
    How do I know where all the creases get ironed in my shirts, how to polish my boots (is it just the toe area that is highly polished?) I don't even know how to actually wear the beret or how to attach the cap badge!
    I know I am being a bit of an idiot but no one has explained any of this stuff to me and they seem to expect me to know it all by osmosis.
    Do I write my name in all my kit with permanent black marker pen or do I need to buy printed name tapes?
    Any help and advice gratefully accepted!
  2. This should all be explained to you during your 1A training at your unit,

    all will become slightly less murky soon enough.
  3. Easiest thing to do is nip down your nearest Army careers office and Im sure someone there will give you some advice and show you on their kit. Ive been at an ACIO as a Recruiter and I had a number of similar enquiries we all to start somewhere. If your TA centres nearer nip in there. Good luck
  4. Presumably there is a Junior or Senior Non Commissioned Officer (ie Corporal or Sergeant) assigned to look after you as a new recruit? Assuming this is the case, then you should seek instruction from them, as it is their standards that you need to reach. Whilst you can get general advice from people on here, individual soldiers/units may have specific pet-preferences on kit presentation, and you need to work to these. You also need to get used to using the Chain of Command - and not being worried about being embarrassed to ask questions (respectfully) of your superiors (they are paid to look after you), even if you do become the butt of a playful joke afterwards. That's the way the Army works.

    Best of luck

    Edited to add: these aren't inane questions at all. When Dilfor joined his first unit a number of moons ago, he wrote his name in all his brand-new shirts in big black marker pen strokes - only to find that it came straight through the thin material and the name FORLID was emblazoned across the top of his back in 3 inch high letters. What a tw*t he felt - and wished he'd asked someone.
  5. One thing that might just possibly be expected is for you to show some initiative and figure it out. You won't lose any respect for trying although fun may be poked at you.

    FORLID: roflol
  6. yep you should have a lesson on a drill night, where you will be shown how to iron and present your kit, until then just iron it as you would normally and polish your boots and you'll be fine. On your next drill night just ask them when you will be shown.
  7. Tw*t then, tw*t still.

    Yes, I meant ROFLID
  8. Advice at the start of the thread is spot on. Just grab some one and ask them.

    Just remember and post a photo of your self in uniform in the gallery for educational purposes. :D

    Remember and black out the eyes (not a sexual kink just PerSec)

    edited three times because I'm a womble.
  9. Dilfor similar story for me, also didnt have a clue what to do with putties and when they gave me elastics I just dangled the like worms thinking what the fcuk are these things for. Its all a learning curb just expect to get a few wind ups, take them as a joke and you'll love it.
  10. As has been said many times before there are no bad questions!

    Never be afraid too ask, regardless of the banter.

    If you can Pop into the TAC and speak to one of the permanent staff or failing that The ACIO is the next best bet.
  11. First thing to do with your kit is to get it off.
  12. Bit silly for all you know Surfgirl could be a 15 stone brickie called Derek, would be interesting seeing your face though. LOL
  13. Don't be silly, Derek is a lorry driver.
  14. Are you sure? I need a good brickie.

    Surfgirl - are you free next week to help me with a walling job? Five foot high brick & flint (machine made brown multis) with creasing tiles and top course of engineering (plus piers). I'll polish your boots in return.
  15. For reference SurfGirl - the only "dumb question" is the one you don't ask.