Where do i stand?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pots359v, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Cut a long story short, was offered a better mobile contract by a certain provider. Though still had 3 months of said contract left, Called tmobile to let them know and see if they could do as well.
    Was offered a good deal and new handset. cost 30 beer tokens.

    Shop called me and confirmed the above.

    Went to shop on Sat and told it would be 110 beer tokens!

    Called the magic number and was told should of been 50, then someone else told me it would be 40. Supervisor informed me they could give me a 10 pound voucher for my trouble. I have informed them i had ordered a case and screen protector for the promised handset, 10 would not cover it.
    No further offers from tmobile. Got told a trainee mad a mistake (fair one) but several people have confirmed this!

    What are courses of action are open to me?

    Any help appreciated.
  2. Does someone wipe your ARRSE for you?
  3. Depends if I have been a good boy or not, CNUT!
  4. No...seriously?? Are you unable to make up your mind? You have no course of action, unless you can prove what offer they made to you. Even then the supplier, after realising that they have made an error still have no obligation to sell to you. So...in short.....you're fcuked.

    If you purchase a phone contract through Carphone warehouse, for example, the provider will pay Carphone warehouse approx £150 to them for the business. You can sometimes use this a bargaining tool.

    Eg....call Tmobile, say you can get a better deal through Carphone warehouse, still with Tmobile, but Tmobile will be £150 out of pocket for your troubles.
  5. Normally somewhere in the vicinity of your feet... hard to do it without them.
  6. You can also stand on your head :)
  7. a word with trading standards may be useful. you wont get anything from it, but its good for these companies to know someone is watching to keep them honest.
  8. Or on your principles. Politicians, take note.

    Edited to add: or four-square upon the quarterdeck, for those of a nautical persuasion. The possibilities are endless!
  9. Just cancel the contract, you have a 7 day cooling off period as long as you do not use either the service or equipment, keep it all shiny in the box, and take it back for a full refund. No drama.
  10. Well if the shop in question is in Oxford could i ask you to pop in any day this week at about 2.45pm and kick off big time with the staff? Perhaps smash the place up a bit?

    Overtimes been a bit thin this month thats all.

    (On a serious note, if it was all verbal and you've nothing in writing you're pretty fcuked. You might make noises about complaining to the regulator or the local press etc? Otherwise they might just deny it all.)
  11. Dirty protest in the shop.
  12. How about you accept the fact that you are a poser, why else would you buy an iPHONE?

    Oral contract? Not worth the paper it´s written on, see if they will go with one of the deals you mentioned or even a voucher.

    Remember. If it is to good to be true, then it is probably bullsh1t.