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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by BIPOLAR77, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. Back in Jun of this year a JNCO wants to buy my BFGd van from me.

    I said that I would happily accept payment in 3 installments, he paid the first one no issue €300.

    I told him that after the second installment he could take the van and BFG it in his name, until then it stays in my name and on my insurance.

    I gave him a months grace of payment as it was summer leave, and we know how costly travelling can be.

    In Aug on payday I emailed him asking him for the second installment, he told be that he would pay in 3 installments but they wouldnt be monthly. hmm

    I told him that once he pays the second installment he can take the van as agreed, however he wanted me just to give him the docs, I refused stating that we needed to follow BFGVLO procedure ie de-reg/transfer of ownership.

    He then said to cancel my insurance and leave the van on camp, I said as soon as I cancel the insurance BFG will want the plates

    He became very disgruntled when I wanted to follow procedure then stated today that he wants his initial installment/down payment back.

    Am I legally obliged to refund him or not?
  2. I think under British Law, you are probably not legally obliged to refund him the deposit or downpayment. Check that BFGVLO operate under British Law or German Law, (force majeure, I think they call it) and does BGFLVO have any rules about sales of vehicles, because that might come under German law.
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    He sounds like a time wasting tit. Give him back his 300 euros and lesson learnt.
  4. Doing things by the letter of the law and living with an ******** who is within your sphere of influence is two different things. If you take the money back are you all sorted or have you dipped out?

    If you're going to dip out can you get a pay back or is the mighty lance jack going to flex his ego and presume your going to let him **** you about?
  5. I'm out of pocket as in the interim period waiting for him to come back to me I could have sold the van
  6. BTW I'm a SNCO
  7. He's a cock. You're out of pocket. I would suggest that you tell him you've spent the money, so he can't have it back until you have sold the van, and when you do sell it, if there is any shortfall, take it out of what he is owed.
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  8. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Then act like one. :)
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  9. and a cock as well for bringing in rank into this. This is not between ranks, its between a buyer and a seller. Take a lesson, give him his money back minus 20 quid for the **** about and don't let people pay by instalments when they buy shit off you.
  10. Sounds about right.
  11. Had too as an earlier poster thought I was a tom being set up by a JNCO, if you cant read the whole thread or add anything useful, do one
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  12. Legally, you have a verbal enforceable contract but, realistically, you're having the piss taken! Take full possession of the van, sell it properly then refund him, minus whatever you think the inconvenience to yourself is worth.
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  13. A tyre kicker then! i had a similar situation not so long ago selling a caravan, the guy left a deposit of £500 on the understanding that i take it off the market and he would cough up the balance of £4500 in 14 days when his funds cleared.

    Nothing heard at 14 days...21 days left messages etc. Sold the van elsewhere, your man then decides that he cannot afford the caravan and wants his money back, he had left 10% deposit so i gave him 10% of that back....tuff sue me.Nothing heard since.
  14. Did read the thread and point taken ref the poster thinking you were a tom, however in the OP you stated that a JNCO bought it which is bringing rank into it immediately. As stated, my useful input is to take the lesson and don't be giving people "credit", and give him his money back bar some beer money for the **** about he has given you.
  15. Dragon's pretty much on the money, it became a contract when you took his money. I'm guessing there was no clause for non completion so you ought to return to square one - van's yours, money is his. he did make a promise he hasn't honoured, so you could claim for the resulting losses, whatever they might be. Maybe interest on the missed payments from the sale for the period his being cocking you about, at County Court rates?