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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by GLIDER, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. First off, appologies if this is in the wrong thread but I was unsure as to where to put it.

    An incident between myself and another person happened 2 weeks ago I was arrested by civillian police, I have not been charged or cautioned yet and the other person involved is not pressing charges against me and im currently on police bail until January 2010. The thing is, Im TA and I mobilise on monday through RMTC Chillwell. I spoke to my OC about this and he said that I wasn't allowed to go and he would speak with the Adj about the matter. As of now, I havn't officially been told that I am NOT allowed to attend the mobilisation process at Chillwell, and I haven't heard anything on the matter from my unit. Do I have to be officially told by RMTC that I am not allowed to attend, or should I just take my OC's word as gospel. I was under the impression that it would be up to Chillwell wether they accept me into service or not and i'm all up for going down there to see what they say. Can anyone advise me on the matter???
  2. 'Bits of paper. Bits of paper dear boy'. The 'bits of paper' will determine your action.

    If you have an Army 'Call-up Paper' then you should obey the instructions thereon.

    If you have a 'Paper' from the Police telling you to do: 'x y z', then do: 'x y z'.

    If you have BOTH get legal advice.

    The politicised police will want to have you as one of their 'statistics' - they have 'targets' to achieve.

    The Army will want you to assist their fight against the enemy in Afghanistan.

    This government will side with 'their' police and against the Army, so be certain which way you play this.

    If you are a complete savage, and you have beaten up some drug-filled 'chav', then - Welcome Aboard!

    PS: Edited to add: Be honest, tell the truth whatever.
  3. My papers say nothing on the matter, I think I should just go to RMTC anyway and explain to one of the admin staff what is happening. Hopefully they will let me mobilise, or if not, at least I will get the call up bounty!
  4. If your OC is TA only listen to him if he told you on a Drill night or weekend :wink:
  5. bear in mind that breaching bail or not answering bail can drop you in deep doo doo and a court appearance, not a good thing for a CV or future empployment, fingers crossed your case may be dropped and the bail cancelled, have a word with your local police stations bail officerl.

  6. On your way to Chilwell phone the Police Officer who is OIC your case and see if they actually want you back for bail or if they're planning on sending you a letter.
  7. Why don't you go down to the local police station where you have to report for bail and ask to speak to the duty inspector, explain everything to him and ask his advice.
  8. Good chance to reiterate one bit of legal advice I got-NEVER accept a caution without good legal advice. Often Plod will go for a caution because it counts as a clear up and conviction and people just accept it even if there is little or no real evidence
  9. sounds like good sound advice to me - thats would i would say too.
    if you also tell the cops the big piture, maybe it can all be sorted with a few phone calls.
  10. Well said Devex. A cautiion will give you a CRIMINAL RECORD; it is not a quick, no further action way out of a crime.
  11. I fell into that trap a few years ago. The conversation went something like this:

    "We can get you a solicitor, but you'll be in the cells for another 4 hours whilst they get here... Look, on this occasion, we'll let you off with a caution if you just sign here..."

    Whatever you've done, it's worth keeping in mind that you NEED legal representation. Accept the offer of a solicitor, and demand one if you aren't offered. They won't go easy on you for holding up your hands and doing the 'right thing'.
  12. If you have an Army 'Call-up Paper' then you should obey the instructions thereon.

    If you have a 'Paper' from the Police telling you to do: 'x y z', then do: 'x y z'.

    If you have BOTH get legal advice.

    Sound advice.