where do i stand if i try to re join

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hodgey87, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. i daor from the army in Dec 2004 otherwise i would have been medically discharged and i tried to re applied in sept 2006 but the army careers said that i i had to wait 4 years because i was given an inhaler during basic training because they thought i had "exercise weeze" this is what i would have been medically discharged for what ever that is, which meant they had to prescribe me with an inhaler which i never actually used.

    Its coming up to dec 2008 now what do you think my chances would be re applying say feb time so i can start training after i finish uni.

    any help would be appreciated

    thanks sorry for the long post
  2. If I were you I'd finish Uni and apply again, properly as an Officer though.
  3. When do you finish at Uni? If it's next summer I'd re-apply this Dec (4 years on the dot). If you are doing a "proper" degree then why not apply as an officer? If you want a hands on trade then I'd go for an Other Rank application.

    Prob best to finish Uni (it would be a waste of your time otherwise) but I'd certainly apply sooner rather than later - trades go fast nowadays. If you leave it too late you'll have to wait around for an intake date, if you apply early you can say that you wish to finish uni.
  4. Just a thought - don't University students (and budding officers, come to it) bother with capital letters and punctuation these days ?

    You'll note the 3 posts below you do so.
  5. where do i stand if i try to re join

    I would suggest somewhere inside a careers office, ideally infront of a recruiter. You could stand just outside but you may find you won't be as successful.
  6. Ask at the careers office, if they say 'not yet' it is not as if you will be barred for a further 4 years.
  7. hi all,

    thanks for the comments, i finish uni in may of next year so i was thinking of trying probably in january then that gives me the chance to get the ball rolling again and to try get my fitness back up.
  8. Has your Uni got an OTC if so why not go through them ?.