Where do I put my badges?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by banksy5088, May 26, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    I need to sew on union jacks, royal signal tac flash and a 2nc brigade flash

    Does anyone have measurements for this?

  2. The flash goes one inch above the cuff of the left arm
    The 2nc horseshoe goes on the left pocket in the exact middle


    The union jack goes on the right sleeve 1 inch down on the crease
  3. WHAT! No name tag :?
  4. Inside leg, 2 inches above the knee of course.
  5. ermm ok I was after the position on the left arm like this guy

    flash goes on the right arm I believe?
  6. Wah shield on

    Sew them all in a nice neat line along your beret :lol:

    Wah shield off
  7. Dont they teach this sort of thing at the TAC's anymore ?
  8. IF your serving then you got taught how to do it.
    I know i got TRF's about 10 weeks in at harrogate and shown where to place them. So ask your plt sgt ( i assume that you are still in phase one/2? )
  9. You can get to SOinC(A) PD 213 on Armynet if you have an account - Pages 213-G-1&2 show you....
  10. First of all ask your Mum iron your scout Shirt nicely. then put them next to your Household Chores and Firelighting badges.
  11. Union Flag (not Jack) Left Sleeve. At the Top.
  12. Waaah
  13. bugger!
  14. Do they ever teach anything at TAC's?
  15. I thought the Badge sat at a desk in the RSM's office?     :?