Where do I go from here? (CCNA)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi all.

    A quick question for those of a geeky dispositon in the Corps' or those who are out behind enemy lines in Civvy Strasse.

    Have a CCNA, what do I do now? (Voice and Security but not Wireless).

    Have looked at CCNP. But also strongly drawn to a CCDA, with which I can then move on and up to CCDP if I really want to.

    I already hold BCMSN also.

    I can obtain a CCNP through OU and it will count as (once finished) 120 points towards a MSc.

    But are these courses worth it? I have noticed that there are a fair few jobs in the 35-40k bracket for experienced CCNA bods, but they also require things like MCSE, would these be a more worthy pursuit and expense?

    Still got my ILC and ELC for this year.

    Also with all this in mind any good postings where I could put all this in practice?

    Also is there any qualification out there where I can quantify my knowledge of Radio and Promina systems? I can't find any specific courses for Promina in a similar vein to Cisco or Microsoft.
  2. www.nitlc.com If you are thinking of aquiring further qualifications :) I'm working on CompTIA at the moment with them but this course does eventually lead to MCSE there's varying courses that start at different levels and go different lengths but I think you can do individual qualifications too. I'm rejoining too though, which may hinder progress when I get back in :(
  3. Depends what you want to do. If you want to get into Networks, then the Microsoft side is utterly unimportant.
  4. Agreed. If you have CCNA they are not much use if you want to get into IT support or administration at server\client level.
  5. c_f

    For Promina Trg try Open Networks here;


    I have contact details for their Technical Training Manager. pm if you need them.


  6. Promina is more of the other way round, ie a bandwidth switch with IP as a hanger on.

    If you have used ISDX, then you'll know Promina.....it is just a newer model.
  7. Cheers SS and Roadster.

    Not fussed about sales (not really a people person), but project managment could be good.

    I am surprised Promina (or NET) don't seem to be very forward in their internet prescence.

    Another question, after 3 years your CCNA expires, and you can renew either by doing a CCNA or by doing one fo the other courses

    Would a CCDA count as a refresh? It doesn't seem to.
  8. afaik CCDA is just Design. CCNA can be recertified by new CCNA test or higher (specialist or pro)
  9. Cheers, thought so.
  10. It's not strictly my bag anymore, but I do know that APC is struggling to find someone to fill a post at RSS Blandford teaching Cisco Network Engineering to CS Engrs, mainly at Class 1 (CCNA). Since RSS is now a Cisco Networking Academy, training and certification is completely free for instructors right up to CCNP / CCND / CCSP (etc) level. All you need to do is basically download and then rattle through the training materials. Perhaps a little bit more to it than that, but not much.

    chocolate_frog, if you're interested, PM me. I can find the PID for you. Likewise, I can PM anyone who wants a bit more info. The individual personal development "what's in it for me" plan is extremely rewarding for those able to work hard and fight the good fight.


  11. cykblacky is correct CF.

    Might also be worth contacting a few of the larger commercial organisations, to see what their views on the quals v skills conundrum is.

    Largely go along with the comments surrounding MCSE track - useful to understand that the world has moved on over the last 15 years, and that although Microsoft themselves continue to flog the qual for all that it is worth, an ever expanding body of MCSE's is realising that it is not the key driver that many bought into.

    Worth also speaking to Cisco themselves at Bedfont Lakes and understanding where they see the skills market going over the next five years.
  12. Just did my CCNA end 2008 and my MCSA in 09 and now sitting over the books for the MCSE and LPIC 1 just to have the cert because in Germany you can know lots about networks and servers and have been working with them for ages but if you don’t have the cert your f*cked and as a result I’m still out of work :(
  13. Differs around the globe from year to year cykblacky - presently many organisations are stating the tick in the box is required, often as a filter to cut down the sheer volume of applicants to posts. There is some talk that insurers and compliance bodies will require proof positive of quals, but the approach seems to change like the weather.

    Good luck with the job hunting.
  14. Thanks. Well may be coming back to the UK seen that my dad died a couple of years ago and the GF just loves the UK. Would be a change was born a in Germany but dad stayed here after the army so I only know the UK from Holidays but never lived there
  15. If you're no good with people? project managment is out of your league. Bin Cisco, go for cissp.

    Thats what I would do, if I was 20 years younger.