Where do I get one of these?

Looks very much like a Glock 18. Because you can fire them on full-auto, I think they're only available to law-enforcement agencies, just like the Beretta 93.
Otherwise, you could try the local unlicensed "Guns-R-Us" and ask if they can get you one.

I saw a Bereta 92F do that because it had a fcuked sear. said pistol belonged to a police fire arms team!! That would give the local muslim extreamists a fright.

Gangstas only need apply.
Looks like he has a case stuck as well after the second burst.
So out of about 40 rnds fired, how many do we think were on target? Unless you're trying to cap Michelle McManus from 3m, its a bag-o-shite.
Yeah he is prob some yank hiding the unlicensed modification, hence his hood

How can you get any of the rounds any where near the target realisitically? But for pure effects and novelty factor, shiney kit syndrome, every one must want one now

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