Where do England go from here?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Miner, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. And no I don't mean home, ya sarky buggers.

    I know this is another England football team topic. But hopefully this can be a bit more serious than the others.

    How do England re-build after this exit?

    The manager looked to be tactically inept against lesser teams (and USA, Algeria, and Slovenia are lesser teams). The players looked technically inefficient, and lisless and un-committed for large periods in all their games.
    So how can England overcome this malaisse that has infected the national team from top to bottom?

    Do they sack the manager?
    Who would replace him?
    Would anything really change tactically?

    Do they dump all the current players?
    Who would replace them?
    Does being able to sing the national anthem actually help as a player?

    Do they get rid of the entire England senior management?

    Does England need a National Academy?
    Who would run it?
    Would this actually help?

    Serious debate people. I'm a Taff and even I was embarrased after the game yesterday. England qualified, we didn't, neither did Scotland, and neither did Northern Ireland. Therefore England theoretically represented the best this nation (GB) could offer. God help all our national teams if that is true
  2. Start at the top. The FA it amateurish and a disgrace. They need to breed a team spirit that starts with players as soon as they are 16, more close eyed development by the FA, a new coaching structure.

    Aint gonna happen though. No one in England knows how to implement such a thing, to in the past.
  3. My bold: as a scot with a constructive pov I have to agree with ultra's post mainly, the english system needs a complete overhaul

    IIRC the problem is I think it was Kenny dalglish who stated years go things had to improve & focus on change, Now the questions & debates really start.
  4. To the dungeons where they will be held until a public execution.
  5. Stop allowing the domestic game to be dominated by such a large number of foreign-born players, which is 'good' for the big Premiership clubs but bad for the English squad. This over-reliance on foreigners allows the belief to arise that players like Rooney are actually world class, when in fact they merely 'look good' when playing on teams with top class foreign players.

    The English Premiership is not English enough, which is reflected in the pedestrian performance of the national team. There is clearly something wrong with a team which cannot comfortably beat the likes of the United States and Algeria.
  6. They give 60% of their wages back to the government to help pay the national debt. As they can't provide the country with a moral boost they might as well do something useful with the millions they earn and don't deserve.
  7. The whole system needs ripping out and starting again, even watching young kids playing the spotlight is put on the larger aggresive kids, not the smaller more technical players, not understanding that those smaller kids will get bigger.
    Rooney is a good example of this he looks excellent in his team games as he's surrounded by better(technical) footballers who just feed him the ball, this tactic is impossible in his International games.
    Too much emphasis on the Manager, yes he's made mistakes but at the end of the day he isn't on the field knocking the ball about.
    Too much expectation/hype from bloody media. It IS JUST a game at the end of the day.
    Don't pick teams on the strength of reputation, the leagues top goal scorer wasn't even in the team.
    And finally if someone is being paid £100k+ p/wk, win or loose it's pretty hard to motivate them.
  8. The England players looked absolutely knackered. We need to shorten the season and make the Premier league 18 teams, cap the foreign players etc.. Because it is the cash cow it is, this will never happen as the big teams will just take their ball home.

    Because of the way the premier league overrun with foregin players the depth of talen of homegrown players becomes thinner and thinner.

    Get rid of Cappello, he was brought in as the tactical genius. We are in the same place as with the Swede good at qualifying and then nothing. However at £12m to get rid i think we will be stuck
  9. The 'problem' if you can call it that, is that the players identify with their premiership clubs far more than the national team. For them the greatest prize is the Champions' League as this is the main effort for the top English sides. As these clubs pay their wages and form incredibly close bonds with the players this type of cultural identity is natural. Hence when they go to an England side they do not relate with their colleagues who play for other sides, that is why they cannot seem to play as a team.

    Other nations such as Germany spend a lot of time and money on the national infrastructure side and so retain and build that identity.

    The england rugby team seems to have suffered a similar malaise following formal professionalisation, and note how the cricket side are now centrally contracted and hardly play outside the national team.
  10. Their match fees recieved for International duty often goes to charity. They certainly do not play for England for the money.

    I dont know why people are endlessly demanding that footballers hand in their wage packets whenever they fail to perform. Should us ex Soldiers and serving Soldiers be made to hand back their wages considering we were forced out of Iraq with our tails between our legs? I think not. So why should sportsmen be different?

    The majority of footballers are working class lads who will take as much money as they can while they are young, after all, they are well aware that it all comes to an end as soon as they hang up their boots at the relatively young age of 35 at best?

    I don't buy into the theory of too many foreginers in the premiership equals a poor English national team.

    The 70's saw England fail to qualify for both the 74 and 78 world cups yet we had one of the strongest leagues in the world at the time. Likewise, the english leagues hit an all time low after being banned from Europe in the late 80's, yet we managed to reach the semi's of italia 90.
  11. An interesting point. The cricket side has been on the ascendency since central contracts and now is, perhaps, as strong as it's been in 15 years. Time to centrally contract our football team and players made available for club matches as convenient? It would certainly stop the club/country arguments and phantom injuries before key club fixtures.
  12. How is it that England failed because of the length of the season? What about all the foreign players we see at the World Cup who "earn" their crust in the Premier league? Do they not try hard enough and so are not as tired as Rooney and Lampard and Terry? Do me a favour!

    How much does the FA pay a player to represent the country? £10K a game? I don't know but suggest it's nowhere near what they get by plying their trade at Old Trafford, the Bridge or Anfield. I mean, £10K isn't really a motivator to go that extra mile/kilometre for someone on £120K a week is it?

    It's all about ker-ching, ker-ching, check my wad!
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Get back to the roots of football. If a team wants the name 'Liverpool' instead of 'Nokia', or 'BMW', then it needs to be a team that represents Liverpool, with players from the area. Failure to have local players in a supposedly local team removes any meaning that the name has. Let's either give up the charade of having teams named after the towns from which they are supposed to originate, and call them something grossly commercial, OR go back to the original format. With a team called 'McDonalds' or something similar, it won't matter if your striker or goalie is from Paraguy, Spain or Russia . . . . but it will mean an end to this horrible, horrible image of whole towns going nuts, supporting a team who's name might be shared, as well the stadium, but who's players, management and ethos has nothing whatsoever to do with them.

    Let's take that a step further - either 'England' is what it says on the box, and consists of English players, Captains and Managers, who are playing for English national glory in a world cup, against other nationally representative teams from other countries around the globe, or have fcuking done with it and call it 'World Cup Team No. 15' or something.

    Local, national and international football genuinely has no meaning for me at all, because it appears to be a bunch of over-paid, over-here and over-egged foreigners playing for huge commercial outifts to put on a bit of a show that allows them to 'score' billions of pounds off gullible fcukwits who fail to see what's occured with the 'beautiful game'.
  14. Money is not relevant as motivation for these guys. They will only perform for their clubs and teammates, very much as soldiers do not do what we do for money but for our comrades (that is not to say that money is irrelevant, but not the main driver).

    A sense of loyalty to the team and common purpose (I am refraining from quoting Maslow here) is needed.