Where do dead otters go?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. I haven't had a thread fly to the hole for a while, so feel free.

    What the fuck happens to dead otters? Where do they go? If you run over a bunny it will stay on the road providing a meal for crows, ravens and sea birds. Whack a polecat and nothing wants to eat the stinky fucker but it will still stay there until it rots. Flatten a hedgehog and every other car will drive over it until it becomes part of the fabric of the road and if you smack a seagull the area becomes awash with sea bird corpses as other cars bang into the cannibalistic fuckers.

    So where do dead otters go? I've yet to drive over one, but every time I see a recently dead one gracing the carriageway it will be gone 10 minutes later when I drive back the same way. Do people take them for food and fur? Do they turn into zombies? Where the fuck do they go?

    It's got me truly baffled.
  2. Pararegtom

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  3. Simple, once dead they go colder, so they are no longer otters. Sorted.

    You want me to get in that taxi?
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  4. Into the freezer, they make good eating.
  5. I saw a dead one in in a stream once next to a few others.


    Im sorry!!
  6. Otterly baffling!
  7. Good question?
    also in all my time walking this earth I have never seen or met anyone who has seen ...a dead donkey.
  8. Neither have I, but if it helps any I do know that dead horses get flogged.
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  9. Other otters collect them for recycling.
  10. Some end up in my study....

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  11. Do there pockets fill with water and they sink?
    E mail Carol Kirkwood she knows a lot about otters pockets.
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  12. If they've been particularly bad in their lifetime then they go somewhere much otter.
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  13. There's a joke in there somewhere about Tarka Masala. It's like a Tikka Masala, only otter.
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