Where do all the officers go to in Germany?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by osnaduckling22, Apr 16, 2005.

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  1. Where are all the British officers in Osnabrueck and where do they go out in the evenings?

    I wonder where they are as we've got lots and lots of soldiers based in this town!
  2. Can't spell the name of your own town? Now tell me why nobody has imparted the information you require! :roll:
  3. That's how you spell it if you don't have an Umlaut, a "U" with two dots, on your keyboard. BTW, Osnabrueck translates as Oxbridge, almost. Original was Oxenbrucke or similar.
  4. Well said..nothing better than the dispensing of a moron that has no idea of other characters available to other languages :p
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I thought every keyboard would give you most if not all accented letters ?

    Ä ä, À à, Á á, Â â, Å å, Ã ã, Æ æ, CH ch, È è, É é, Ë ë, Ê ê, ~G ~g Î î, Ì ì, Í í, Ñ ñ, Ö ö, Ô ô, Ò ò, Ó ó, Ø ø, Ü ü, Ù ù, Û û, are those that I can see straight off.
    Not worked out where the cedilla is yet - but as it's daft o'clock here I don't reckon on finding it tonight !
  6. It's still spelt wrong as the umlaut hasn't been used! Spell it as it should not as it sounds. Now p155 off and get a life retard.
  7. Just in case you didnt know: There are two ways to spell an Umlaut:
    ä=ae, Ö=oe and Ü= ue as OsnabrUEck.

    I hope your question has been answered
  8. mine hasnt tho.
  9. Straight question? OK, brothels, bars, restaurants - say 25%, O Groups - say 35%, Explaining thec plan to thec boys and gals - 20%, Re-explaining it - 20%...kicking arse and taking names? Oh balls, I'm into my own time...
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  12. Is there a photo?
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