Where did you watch England v. RSA?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by K80RMG, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. I'm currently working in Sweden and ended up in "O'Leary's" Sports Bar, in Jonkoping.

    Loads of fellow English and a few Scots on our side too. Fair few South Africans and, in the true tradition of Rugby playing and supporting, we all watched together and had a hoot, much to the amazement of the locals who couldn't understand how rival supporters can watch such a vital game but be in the same drinking round!

    Bonus was after the match the lights went down, the music up and it transformed into a very popular Disco! Danced and drank until closing time. Woke up with a till receipt with loads of names and numbers on the back and some mention of meeting up for the next England v. BaaBaas match.

    A 10 out 10 night!
  2. The Cabbage Patch!
  3. sat at home laughing at all the excuses.
  4. I didn't. I just sat laughing at the glum faces spread all over the Sundays. The Frogs athe French Market in Richmond were also sniggering. On that back of that I purchased some.....fromage.
  5. At home ,I did feel a bit sorry for the English chaps .
    well done S.A. it was a fair game
  6. No excuses. The best team won, and were also the best team throughout the tournament.
    Your comments are going in the bank and will be recycled when Italy come to take you apart.

    Forza Azzuri.
  7. I watched it in the pit of dispare while being goaded by my South African wife.

    My life sucks :cry:
  8. I was at work so missed it, being welsh I am having a few castles wearing my SA shirt tonight, lekka

  9. I watched it in a pub in Dundee along with dozens of other very happy Scots who were extremely happy to see South Africa win. Perhaps now we can get some real news on the box again instead of the English rugby. It was a real pity to see another Englishman fail again today. Well you always have the football to look forward to or do you?????
  10. at least it is in our hands & not reliant on others doing them a favour.
  11. I watched it with two welsh guys who were constantly taking the piss out of england, up to and including singing the SA national anthem.
  12. good lads.
  13. Watched the first SA v England game in a bar in SA ... very embarrassing and jokingly said; "See you in the final" as I left!

    Watched the final at home with mates. Well done SA, best team in the tournament ... best team in the world. Now watch that team be dismantled by the politicos so that it is more representative of the SA black majority. Even though in SA the black population have a very limited interest in rugby.

    Hello SA ... the UK has a majority white population but allows it's black minority to play football, rugby, cricket and drive formula 1 cars based on their ability!!!

    Nice to see all the England 'knockers' out in force ...
  14. Yeah, I thought so, not singing any more are we?
  15. Thankfully I never sing even when we're winning on account of I know I can't :wink: