Where did you look for a civi job?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Insert_name_here, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. If you are currently leaving or recently left the Army, where did you go to find a job?

    My firm are trying to target officers for consulting/account handling jobs and we are trying to work out the best places to advertise. We've looked at The List (www.thelistuk.com) and attended a couple of liquid list meetings. We are also going to try troops to task (related to this site) but I'm not sure how many leavers actually use these resources.

    Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. In my experience The List is pretty widely used so that would be a good starter for 10.
  3. It depends on the skills you are seeking!

    1. I thought each Corps had a resettlement office in their Headquarters. But that does not appear to be the case; in a quick sweep through the websites, I could find only one resettlement office - REME:

    REME Jobs

    2. For overall advertising, try www.questonline.co.uk which claims to be the "number one magazine for ....job opportunities for all people in the Armed Forces....".

    If you start your advertising campaign now, it should be timed nicely for the rush to leave the Forces as a result of the soon-to-be-announced poor pay award! I might be available very soon....

  4. Thanks for the quick response and PM's. Agreed on The List, I'm actually heading to the event in London tonight.

    I will look at Quest.

    To answer the question of what skills we're looking for, quite open. Looking at my own experience, I wouldn't say anything I learned in the Army was directly useful in my civi career but every single bit of it has indirectly helped me in some way. It's really the generic 'officer' qualities that we are looking for. There's nothing we do that can't be learned.

    However, to be a BIT more specific - an outgoing, upbeat personality. Probably Captain and below.
  5. By the way, if anyone else wants to PM me, I'm happy to reply with company details etc.
  6. I was put into contact with my new employers through the CTP (Career Transition Partnership) where they had organised an open day with presentations and preliminary interviews. It gave us the oppportunity to see what they had to say and them the opportunity to see if they liked us.
  7. I_N_H

    Quest and CTP are certainly good options. In the old days I would have suggested the Officers' Association, but they have now been swallowed up by CTP on the jobs front (the charitable side still holds good so I'm told).

    I'm sure there's a D Resettlement or summat like that - probably as good a place as any if you want to broadcast the options.

    I'm fairly certain R SIGNALS have their own resettlement newsletter too.

    Hope these help.
  8. The Intelligence Corps does quite a nifty line in resettlement and career help, including regular resettlement clinics for those about to leave, supported by those who have left and successfully placed themselves, through the Intelligence Corps Association. Drop Next_to_the_Tank a PM for details.
  9. The Officers Assoc used to do a fair bit on resettlement, and IIRC they had a sits vac bit on their web page. You could also try "The Officer" magazine's classified.
  10. There are a couple of firms who specialise in placing ex military depending on the level/seniority you're looking for. You could try Heyman Woodworth, they attend the list pretty frequently, and Hartwell Buck do quite a lot with ex mil but mainly Financial Services. There's also Ian Patterson, who advertises in the list runs a small outfit but is pretty successful.
  11. Don't bother. I travelled to the Smoke to meet JH after meeting him at The Liquid List. Disinterested, distant and visibly annoyed that this was an instance when his services came for free. There are plenty of other people out there!