Where did the prison speaces come from to bang up so many on remand?

I have absolutely no problem, following the recent disorder, with courts deciding to remand hundreds of prisoners to be produced before them at later dates.

But where did all the prison spaces come from?

We are constantly assured that we cannot look to harsher sentencing, and that serious criminals have to be let out on bail for lack of prison facility?

To me it seems either that the earlier issues of prison space are spurious, or alternatively have to ask the question, who has been let out to accommodate the latest bunch of those housed?
I heard that a lot of space became available due to prisoners dissapearing, shortly after this bloke went down.......

....now we know what's in a Scots pie.........and who ate them all!
Johnathan Aitken suggesting that Colchester will be used if required............


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When I worked in the prison service we were often at capacity but it's surprising how they can be crammed in and how quickly people can suddenly be let out early. They don't like keeping them in police cells as the prison service get a bill.
Johnathan Aitken suggesting that Colchester will be used if required............
Well of all politicians, you would think he knows what's what about the prison system?


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there's usually space in the seg wing or at least they can double up with a sex offender while they are there.

they would have a better effect, keeping them in the local magistrates cells and putting them in stocks were they commited their heinous crimes.
We can all be sure that Cameron has a plan for this. It is not for us mere mortals to think too much, write to much, or expect any privacy or common sense.

I presume that space will be found somewhere, probably an open prison, where they will be gradually re-introduced into society.

I suspect that we will see more not guilty pleas now they start to get scared about the hard sentencing, so many might end up getting bail at some point.

Maybe some will be tagged almost straight away. Potentially I think 3,000 will be the final arrest figure, when you include people handling the stolen goods etc.

I can see a big uproar soon when people realise that we have just dug a bigger hole with the longer than usual sentences, though I am no psychology expert, I would be pretty mad by the time I got out 3 years later after stealing some chewing gum, I might well be too scared to offend again, time will tell.
Apart from, as stated, police cells, a lot of prisons had a habit of not declaring spaces thrown up by absentees (home leave, absconds, temp. transfer etc.) It wasn't unusual to be able to "gain" 20 spaces at a medium sized nick if these places were declared.
(Plus of course Cat D open prisons are generally not full.)
Amazing how quickly the whining PC bas*ards started to protest the, in their view, excessive sentences being handed down. Of course now that the risk of thugs and hooligans torching their homes has dissipated their mindset of fear tinged indignant outrage has subsided.

I don't give a flying f*ck where they incarcerate those involved in the recent anarchy - as long as as the government don't lose their resolve. Those involved will think twice before embarking on similar adventures.
Creating space in prisons to accommodate a sudden rise in the (prison) population isn't too difficult....usually means that non-violent offenders nearing the end of their sentences will be paroled or transferred to some form of supervised home release earlier than anticipated. No doubt the Classification Dept in each prison/region will be working overtime to determine who goes.
Easy ..... 4 to a cell and some KY jelly should make it a fun time for all. :)
is the prison service aware of the existence of triple bunkbeds? or are the ceilings too low?
They were low in the iso we used to live in at Vitez garage but we sill managed to get triple bunk beds in.

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