Where did the Int Corps get its large ego from?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Ex_Int_Warrior, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. After serving for several years in the Int Corps and having witnessed the Dark Side, the Dim Side (after all it's only moderately less dark), training at Ashford, Loughborough and Chicksands, postings on the mainland, over the water, detachments to the usual foreign climates it amazes me, reading through this forum how "brilliant" everyone genuiniely believes the Corps and it's members are. I'm out now, enjoying the CivDiv approach to life, but when I venture on to Arrse, the forum that abhors me the most is this one.

    Now, don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong in Corps pride, or I believe the phrase of the Brig was quite often Esprit de Corps, but I do think some of the egos need to be wound in a little.

    Let's start by having a look at what actually the corps does, it won't take long, a few words should suffice ..... it supports the fighting units (teeth arms). There has always been the debate of whether the corps is or isn't a fighting unit but when we take a common sense test we must realise that fighting never was our game - christ, nearly every corps member comes close to failing his apwt, and that's the few that even bother to take one!

    My point is quite simple, and I know the egos in here are going to have a field day by venting their spleins on this post - feel free, it only proves my point more - but the average Int Corps soldier has maybe one or two more brain cells than other Corps' such as REME, RE, Signals and RLC EOD aren't particularly dim but too many of it's members think entirely too much of themselves. You are a small cog in a massive clockwork operation. Your job is not more important than anyone elses - checking fence heights, collating int, talking to senior officers, writing reports no-one reads, listening to dits and das, or reading print outs of the dits and das the Siggies listened to, all of these are simple tasks.

    Please, as a Corps, get some polyfilla and fill in the chips on your shoulders, return the invisible carpets from under your arms, wear your issued uniforms, rather than the Para Smock from Silvermans and don't be so scathing of the chap who joined at 16 with 2 GCSEs - he'll grow up one day and will be firing the weapons at the targets you tell him to fire at!
  2. mate
    To here these words is like poetry to my ears. Well put.
  3. As a new member to the corps, I do agree that people are too wrapped up within themselves, but the newer members of the corps appear much more constrained, so prehaps some of the older members of the corps should be reigned in by the younger ones.
  4. This is all very interesting. To be honest I don't think of myself nor the Corps in such a way, although I am sure that there are loads of chaps out there that do (I think I've met plenty....).

    I certainly don't have a chip on my shoulder, being that I've achieved a fair amount with little quals and a lot of beer.

    Good luck to you in civvy street, hope you can post some other delights in this forum...

    Edited to add: I do also understand the small cog in a big machine, that's a good analogy that clearly isn't used enough. :roll:
  5. Yes you are so right that newer members of the Corps are much more constrained. A bunch of completely boring b*stards, who do not believe in socialising, and who always go home to mum on the weekends to play on their Xboxes. Go ahead, reign in the older members of the Corps, and strip the last vestige of fun thats left. Besides, some of the sprogs have the most holier than thou attitudes I've ever seen, forever whining and complaining, armed with fablon biffchits and "red cards". Edit: I see you have just one post, so perhaps you are another one of CR's "Wah's" or whatever he calls them! Well, here's your bite! :)

    As to the ego problem people, yes indeed there are some complete tools about, but there are also a lot of good people too. Just like any part of the army, or indeed any walk of life.
  6. Missed promotion a few times then?
  7. I second that!
  8. I don't want the finer, beer drinking, all round good blokes thinking that they're included in the 'ego' bashing.

    I have enjoyed many social occasions with some great blokes who drank too much, smoked too much, stuck it in anything that moved (you know the true qualities), tipped up for BFTs once in a blue moon to still breeze through it, obviously sparking up as soon as you cross the line ... but as a collective, and certainly as far as any other Corps or Regt in the Army is concerned the Int Corps is one big 'ego' that needs to be dragged into the broom closet for an interview with a baseball bat - and no, coffee would not be served either!

    And as far as the promotion comment went, no - never passed over, and yes I was promoted more than once before I left, before you draw any conclusions that I must have left as a LCpl!
  9. No, I actually thought you'd left as a Pte.
  10. I second what Zoid has written. I may be one of the older retired lot, I'm happy with the memory of years I spent in the Corps, particularly in SD, and my decoration from that time, and I believe Int Corps personnel who have been fortunate to receive such honours represent all Int Corps who have the backbone to volunteer and serve in the more dodgy and challenging areas of int gathering, and there are a lot of excellent characters who have done so. I found the fun was rapidly being stamped out of the Corps in the early 90's by an incredibly boring, politically correct officer corps, who didn't like characters or individualism, in both the OR's and comissioned ranks. People like the sad person who started this thread are typical of the mindset that did so much damage. Some of us boring old farts still enjoy life. 8)
  11. Yeh, then we can all have a group hug and sing kum by yah. :roll:
  12. I used to work in a unit that lodged in Quicksands and, on it's strength, we had an Int wallah. He was (and presumably still is) a bloody good bloke but he did have the habit of popping in to the office and - looking carefully around to make sure there weren't several FIS lurkers in the corners - would mutter " I really shouldn't tell you this, but....." and then tell us something we'd read from the front page of the Grauniad earlier. IQ (Well, we had an RQ so why not? Especially as it made him wince.....) played this card frequently, so it was my special delight, when he came back from a fortnights leave and - having checked under the desks for Irma Krebs - asked "Did anything happen whilst I was away?" to look up, say "yes" and then carry on reading the Beano. Oh joy. To hear the tension in the room, to look up and see the pressure valves on the side of IQ's neck on the verge of blowing....... and then spoiling it all by my 2IC and I bursting into giggles like two superannuated schoolboys.
    Large egos? From my experience, not really (a charge that can be levelled at most cap badges save perhaps the late ACC), but perhaps a rather touching desire to promote the image of being special.
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  13. Oh, and by the way, Int Corps, apropos previous posts,....... its reined in, not reigned in. I don't know...... couldn't find 3 Shock Army, let alone a dictionary..... mutter.... harrumph........
  14. What fecking tree-hugging, PC motivated, chip-on-the-shoulder ****** started this thread??

    "I did two years in the Corps and know it all better than anyone else" F*CK OFF you toss3r!

    There are hundreds of decent Int Corps soldiers, STILL serving, who are great at what they do and who are great ambassadors for the Corps.

    This Corps may have gone down hill when people with "character" were booted out (one way or another). If you haven't got a personality, you aren't going to last..you didn't.

    We are a very small Corps which does a great job! Every other Unit, Corps or Regt will say the same about themselves. What is wrong with having faith and belief in yourself, your colleagues and your Corps?

    Having left because the Corps was not for you, don't sit on your fat fecking arrse and slag off decent soldiers doing a decent job!

  15. Must admit that Ive met some real choppers in the Int Corps (Ive worked with the man of 'exploding wallet' fame!), I worked with them for 5 years, but as said above you can find those same choppers wearing any capbadge and colour beret, no doubt to some people we all fall into that catagory at one time or another, well maybe you lot do! :wink: