Where did it all go wrong?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Nine of the men arrested in the terrorist swoop following upon Quick's lapse in security have been released without charge and referred to UK Border Control.

    Quick at the time was en-route to 10 DS to brief Brown and others on the situation in a large inquiry. We may now assume that a lot of what was in his well-displayed file was rhubarb. The group to be briefed would have included some with considerable powers which they might have been - wrongly - induced and mislead to put into effect.

    This 'evidence' carried by Quick would have been evaluated for it's potential if proven in court. That process failed to spot the errors that must have been there; the 9 have been released. What is the value and cost (financial and OPSEC) of such ineffectual review?

    The interrogation and no-longer covert investigation following arrests should have found something one hopes. Even with this addition, there was no case to answer. What will have come out is some indication of how they gather what information they did have. Those arrested will have taken this information on board and will doubtless be welcomed with open arms for de-briefing by extremists once UK Borders have done their job. Our intelligence gathering resources would then be compromised.

    The authorities reckoned their information was such that there could well be aggro; witness the large forces deployed in the arrest operation. The hype and numbers could well have led to a Brazilian Underground-type outcome.

    Our Int claim they are under-resourced in personnel and funds and that they have to make choices which target to observe. While they were subjecting these 9 men to detailed inquiry, there is a chance that others were going about their work unobserved - even, heavens forbid, unknown altogether.

    How many similar investigations are bumbling along based upon the sort of information, intelligence and rumour that supported this round-up? The latest debacle will increase scepticism within Govt when considering 28 day detention procedures.

    All in all, not our finest hour. More and more laws are being passed which restrict or bar our long held liberties. On the basis of work such as this flawed operation. None can reasonably object to laws with a purpose but there now seems doubt as to just what they are supposed to contain.
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    The very people who let them in in the first place. I wonder, perhaps they arn't naughty boys after all. To much of this going on.
  3. There's a fine line between necessary security measures and scape-goating for political purposes. When I think of the number of arrests made under the various anti-terrorism laws in the last decade and compare them to the pitiful number of convictions made as a result - even including convictions on non-terrorist charges like benefits fraud - I wonder if we haven't crossed the line already?

    First, they came for the Pakistanis...
  4. One wonders whether perhaps Quicks bungle brought the whole thing forward a lot more than has been admitted, they weren't ready but had no choice once the bag was out of the cat. At least they have disrupted what ever was going on.
  5. So, why was the time and concentration of a lot of top brass being wasted on brief from the head shed if they had not developed the 'evidence' beyond all doubt? Rather like asking THEM to be deployed because Mrs Ali bought a trial-size bottle of peroxide hair dye.
  6. Well if the majority have been released without charge that would appear to be the case, they even after arresting them searchin their properties and interrogating them have failed to get enough evidence to use in court.
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Homeland Security - very busy people, always arresting people. Must keep the budget up.

    I realise that there are obviously threats to the country and not just from fanatics and long haired lefties. I always get the feeling after these events that it is in the Governments & Police's interest to keep this ratchet up so high that when they issue all these edicts that are slowly eroding our democratic rights the publics ability to argue against it is subdued.
  8. Could it all just be the Met's current obsession with super sizing everything. Al they seem to announce these days has to be 'intelligence' led and providing the biggest threat in the whole world ever.

    I have no doubt that we are facing some level of terrorist threat but as was said earlier where are the events and where are the convictions?

    I can not believe that the Security Services and the police are disrupting 99.99% of attacks when Paddy used to get through with such ease.
  9. High profile "Big Win" in the run up to a predicted slash 'n burn budget which will put everybody's cash funding under pressure even ignoring the illusory "efficiency savings". What more could you want?

    So that went well then. Would have thought that by now the problem of turning Intelligence into credible and sustainable Evidence rather than a few poxy headlines would be better understood.
  10. The press release I heard talked about it not being possible to secure enough evidence for convictions in the time-frame allowed by law.

    We should therefore stand-by for another attempt to get 42 day + detention period onto the statute book.
  11. Western -
    I tend to think this is a very accurate representation of the true facts

    None of that serious G20 stuff here please.
  12. Looks pretty accurate to me.