Where could I find...?

This is probably in the wrong place (mod's - feel free to move thread), but here goes...

I'm an OC (RN) going on a land exercise in September, but I can't find any Mid's rank slides in DPM. I've been advised that the Army/ACF/CCF have the UO rank slide but can't find them anywhere.

It won't be the end of the world if they don't even exist. I'll just wear my Rig3 slides instead.

(This is most definitely NOT a wah!)
The closest I've seen is the stick on NBC ones. As an ex-Mid myself, I know the desire, however wear your tabs with pride - it's the best rank in the RN, abuse it to its fullest!
We had a midshipman in our UOTC, and he wore midshipman's rank slides, not UO's. Always claimed that Mid=2LT. I never checked, but could be. That was almost 30 years ago, mind. As His Majesty sez, wear your rank with pride!
Shortarms, I googled and found that site; no joy.

ATG: I already am, have no fear!

Flaggie, I can't say for sure, but in my experience, he's lying (and impersonating a senior officer, lol). The only 2LT OC's and LT OC's in my URNU are the ones who are medicine students (used to show 4th and 5th year students, IIRC). The TO's are LT(RNR) and the boss was LT(RN). I can't remember, but I think the new boss is the same rank.

The main reason for posting was that I have a problem with the gold button. A few hundred years of tradition will be the last thing on my mind when a torch beam is reflected and earns me a beasting... (I've only just had the idea of simply cutting off the button on a second pair of Rig3 slides. Is it worth defacing the Queens uniform? Probably not...)
This guy was on a cadetship. Midshipman when he started university, and I think Sub-Lieutenant by the time he graduated. But he was in the OTC, not the URNU (don't think there was one). Just trying to remember what he wore on exercise. Think it might just have been an OCDT's slide. I made mine with a pair of blank DPM rank slides and lengths of insulating tape (well, this was the Royal Signals wing ...)

Do I understand correctly that you're an officer cadet, not a Midshipman? If so, the insulating tape might be the thing. Otherwise try cross-posting to the UOTC board on here.
Mid slides sans buttons are perfectly acceptable - baby WAFUs wear them. Buttons are FOD!
Flaggie; that sounds about right, then. In the URNU, it's all pretty much the same thing. First years are OC's, second years wear OC tabs over Mid's slides, third years wear just the Mid's slides. The exception is medicine students; fourth years wear 2LT and fifth years wear LT (with red stripe for medical). As to what happens when URNU students go to BRNC, I have no idea!

ATG: Thanks for clarifying!

The tape thing never occurred to me, I might try that! This is just to get me out of a short term fix, it's no big deal. I just wanted to see if anyone had seen anything similar.

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