Where can you buy AFV Recognition Models?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Brandt, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know where you can buy AFV recognition models from?

    Thanks! :D
  2. All depends on what scale you want. Can be from the wargaming models at 1:285/1:300 scale up to the larger ones at 1:35 scale. After scale it all depends on what targets you need. Some scales have a wider selection than others.

    Bearing in mind all models are at Unit Cost, there aint any help from ARTD/LAND etc.

    Let me know what you want and will get back to you.
  3. Whittle them out of old blocks of wood.
  4. I don't know what scale they are, but the ones I am after I remeber as being cast metal (lead in the old days), and a Challenger would be about 1.5 cm long with a removable turret. We bought some as a Regiment years ago, and I just can't find where from.
  5. I'm sure you can get them through the "system" (or used to be able to) they have individual NSN's. I remember having to check them all once during the Training Wing Board of Officers.
  6. Why don't you use the full size, real AFVs that you have available.......just make the lads look through the binos the wrong way round.
  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    GHQ 1:285 (I think that was the ratio) were extremely good.
  8. Was going to do this by PM and email, but might be god for the info to be here in public. Unfortunately, we tried to update our collection and hit a dead end. It appears the origional company no longer exists.

    The closest you can get to them is the 1:87 scale available from:


    Best ones are from Roco and Trident, but the range is quite limited and expensive.

    Another option is the 1:285/1:300 scale. A fantastic up to date range of equipments and the GHQ Models have outstanding detail. Other companies include Skytrex, Scotia etc. Unfortunately a lot of these companies have ceased to trade. Another problem is the size of the models. They work better with Susat or ranged binos, rather than the x10 GS type. Follow the links at:


    End of Pt1, Pt2 to follow
  9. I believe the molds (Or some) for the origional company (MILTRA) were bought by QRF who also produce modern kit in the same scale 15mm approx 1:100

    Whatever you are talking expensive!
  10. Pt2

    By far the best range is the 1:72/1:76 scale. Huge range of equipments at a decent price. They come in the usual plastic kits or resin, which means you have to assemble then paint them. But then you have to do that to a lesser degree with the others anyway. There are loads of companies, which means if one goes bust, there are plenty of others to pick up the slack. This company is pretty much a one stop shop:


    The last scale we deal with is is 1:35. Fantastic range of equipments and loads of companies. Again you have to build and paint them and this can become a major problem. The cost can go from £4-£200 depending on what model you want and whether it's plastic or resin. Obviously with the size of the things it can be a problem transporting them. However, the range of equipments make this a very good option. You can even get Mastiff, Bulldog, LAV III etc so well up to date. Some companies we deal with are:


    Another company is Cromwell Models, they have the Mastiff, Bulldog and WRAP2 Armour for Warrior etc, but have closed their website. More than happy to post their details when I'm back at work next week if anyone wants them.

    We have looked at 3D Printing and Prototyping, but the cost is astronomical if it's just for a single unit. If UK MoD put in an order the cost would cheap as chips as the orange fella says. This aint gonna happen, just in case you were wondering.

    You can no longer get models through the system other than at Unit Expense. This is the line we have received from ARTD/LAND. If anyone knows different please let us know. Any advice or comments welcome.

    Anyone needing to see a range of the models or needing advice, contact the Army Recognition Cell, RSA Larkhill.
  11. Yeah spot on. We've heard ISTC (old ILRRPS School) went down this road and decided it just wasn't an option. They use the Roco and Trident models now.
  12. "Another company is Cromwell Models, they have the Mastiff, Bulldog and WRAP2 Armour for Warrior etc, but have closed their website. More than happy to post their details when I'm back at work next week if anyone wants them"

    - I emailed them and got a list within an hour! Just waiting for my Tortoise and
    ARMOURED 12TON HALF-TRACK & 88mm GUN to arrive
  13. Many thanks- really useful replies.