Where can we go off duty..

With my civy job I need to go to to some, very off beat places last week I was in Kabul and the week before I was in Macedonia. Are we as TA soldiers allowed to work in these areas or not. When I was in the regs I wasn’t allowed into the Republic of Ireland without first filling in loads of paperwork month’s in advance.
I normally now only get a few hour notice to go and may only stay in the Country for a few hours.
I can’t ask at my unit just in case the answer is NO you can’t go to these places, then it leaves me in an awkward position.
if you are an officer you are under military law 24/7 so it might be awkward if you are an other rank the only time military law applies to you is when you sign a pay sheet for training. There are restrictions on travel because of service, Ireland being one of them.But as its to do with your civvy job and your not on a holiday I'm sure most units would be quite senesible about it a quiet word with your PSAO might be of use
Just got back from a week or so in Africa to find
all those helpfull answers answers to my question.............. :'(

I did a bit of sniffing around only to find that the list of "NO GO" places is bigger than you might think and I like most of you have been without even knowing.

PS cheers Nursy...

Mr Happy

Does anyone know how long it takes to get the paperwork done for travelling / or who it is dependant on (ie unit level or does it wing off to land?).  I'm planning Moscow for a weekend in May.

Also, NURSE's comments regarding O/R's obligations I do not believe (IMHO) that they are correct.  I know I've been told that O/R's have to get permission too.
under TA regs military law only applies when a junior rank signs a pay sheet. That is what has been told to my unit by the RSM in a brief about military law. The subject of travel was discussed and as the unit is based in Northern Ireland people frequently travel to the Irish republic. He did point out that officers need to get permission as they are under military law 24/7.(Few ever do)

Mr Happy

I shall investigate with my unit next week for their opinion and provide what feedback I can to this thread.

I recall being instructed differently 10 years ago but who's to say my pl sgt knew what he was talking about - he had a chip on his should a mile wide because he was only 5'4" and couldn't afford to travel far beyond the bottom of his road...
well I can only go on what I've been briefed as well.
as i sugested in my original post a chat with the PSAO might put people i the picture better.
I've worked in some very iffy places in my civvy job, and no, they weren't declared at the time, because the dramas would have been too much.

However, in one of the iffy places, I was approached at a Brit Embassy party, asked who I was seeing, and asked to keep my eyes and ears open............... :-[

Mr Happy

I checked with my APSI and was told that TA soldiers were free to travel anywhere they like as long as they inform the CO and follow FCO advice.  IE if the FCO says don't go to Pakistan, then you'd be expected not to go.  If you wanted still to go I don't know what the options are...

The APSI told that the rules were nothing like those that had to be followed by the regulars and offered to read me "the paragraph" but I declined siting boredom, disinterest and the fact that I'd already been to the place I was asking permission for....

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